Another request for colour advice

  1. Hi girls,

    I am getting ready to slip into madness and addiction and buy my first b-bag.

    Here are my questions:


    I will be carrying a pc case with it, so I don't need room to carry a bunch of stuff.


    I like brownish or burgandy reds. Which red?

    And I consider red to be a neutral, could I carry it with say a black suit, beige sweater & black shoes?

    How about with a beige, green or brown suit & brown shoes?


    How tacky would it look to bring my dustbag and use it for the dirty conveyer belt at security and for under the seat? Or should I just bring a grocery bag?


  2. HI Robyn,

    I love red colors, i was considering the grenat when I want to buy my first BBag, but I think the fire engine red is definately the way to go! It is absolutely gorgeous.

    Red goes with ALOT of things, and it really draws attention to the bag!! I love it with cream, black, brown!

    In terms of size, I'm a bit confused when you say you have a case for laptop, you mean you will put it in the bag or you'll carry it separately? If you don't need to put your laptop in it, city is the way to go, the most versatile and classy size imo. (pratical too!)

    I think carrying the dustbag and yank it out at the airport is a bit tacky, but that's just me. I would just use grocery bag if you are that concern.
  3. ^ Hi Robyn! I think that a grenat work would be perfect for sounds like what you are looking for. As far as protecting the bag while traveling...they do have plastic baskets that you can put your bag in while it goes through the camera. Keep us posted on what you decide!
  4. Hi Robyn,

    Welcome to Balenciaga, this may be your first, but I am sure, not your last!

    With regard to size, iIf you are able to go to a store that carries them, that is your best bet! Take what you would normally carry with you, and put it into the bag that strikes your fancy. You can then see which looks the best a) with all your stuff in it b) which complements your frame most. If using for travel you most likely want one with a strap, or that can fit over your shoulder comfortably!

    I think that the new Grenat would go very well with all the colours you have listed, and it is a burgundy red.

    I think it would be tackier to use a grocery bag, rather than the dustbag. If you sew at all, I would make a dustbag out of muslin that is not the original Balenciaga dust bag. The muslin could be washed numerous times, etc etc. I don't know if washing would ruin the Balenciaga dustbag, but I wouldn't want to risk it.

    If you go to this link atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season you can see the Grenat, as well as the Rouge Vif, and maybe some other colour will strike your fancy!

    I wish you well,

  5. Hey, since you like the reds, I would go with either the Rouille or the Grenat. I'm not sure about the Bordeaux with brown since it has more purple undertones, but since I do not have a Bordeaux, I cannot be sure about exactly how it might look with brown. But most agree that a pretty b-bag will go with anything! However, the Grenat does have more brown undertones and would be great with brown or black, I think, and would be good for work. Rouille is brighter and more vibrant so that is an option, too, though not as conservative. As for size, since you are already carrying a big bag, I would go with a first, twiggy, or day. I love the city, personally, but that is up to you. I would suggest going to a store to try them on and see what you like best with your frame. If you do not need a shoulder strap, you could go with the Purse, too, or one of the new Fall styles not yet out, like the Mid Afternoon or Afternoon... The dust bag is a bit much, but so is the nastiness that is airports, so that is your call as I understand preserving the beauty of your b-bag! Good luck! If you have not checked out for style and color info, you may want to do that, too. Let us know what you decide!