Another Red Patent Ergo & My Shoes! - Pics

  1. Here are pics of my new Red Patent Ergo Hobo. In it I carry: makeup bag, wallet, lotion, hand sanitizer, Motorola KRazr (front pocket - it's VERY slim), business card holder (front pocket), hairbrush, post-it notepad, gum/mints (inside zip pocket). It would hold a lot more, but I don't want it to look stuffed. I am really enjoying this bag!

    Just for fun and while I was next to the room, I took a pic of my shoes. I keep the handbags that will fit on the shelves above. The others are scattered about the house!
    IMG_3704.JPG IMG_3705.JPG IMG_3707REDO.JPG IMG_3708.JPG
  2. Cute.
  3. Is that the "regular" hobo or the large?

    The red is GORGEOUS!
  4. That looks so HOT!
  5. It is the ~~LARGE~~ (just wanted to be fancy)
  6. dannggggg thats a lot of shoes!! lol
  7. Love that bag on you! It looks gorgeous! I wish I had that many shoes...these days I'm chasing kids in either flip flops or tennis shoes!:p
  8. That's about 1/2 of my shoes. Some of them got cut off in the photo, and there are 2 more 6 foot long shelves, one on each side of the shoes that are showing, plus more on the floor, lol!
  9. Gorgeous!

    Girl, I just have to say, your closet is just way too organized/color coordinated...if I did that to mine, it would be messed up in 24 hours! :lol:
  10. My closet is as big as yours but not well constructed like its hard to get everything together cause I dont know, maybe all my built ins . I should tear it down and make it like yours. Love the red ergo! so shiny!
  11. It looks fabulous on you! I love your closet!
  12. That bag looks great on you! I thought that I didn't like the red ergo that much, but everytime I see a sute modeling pic here on the forum, it makes me want it a little more:drool:
  13. Looks great on you!!! Love the shoes.
  14. I agree with the others, it looks great on you! :smile:
  15. I love the Ergo! Your closet and shoe collection are fantastic!