Another red Epi Alma w/silver hardware!!!

  1. Wow! A business associate and very old friend of my father's (I work for my dad's company) brought me back a red Epi Alma from his recent vacation to Paris!!! Isn't it dreamy? Quite a few of us on the forum have gotten these recently, I know. I love it! It is even more striking in person than in photos. Thanks for letting me share! :yahoo:
    CIMG1952.JPG CIMG1953.JPG CIMG1955.JPG
  2. Congrats!!!!:yahoo: Love it and looks great on you:girlsigh: That's sooo sweet of him:smile:
  3. lucky girl, and the bag is gorgeous beyond belief.
  4. Congrats!! That looks great on you! Enjoy!
  5. Oooh can I work for your dad too ? :graucho:

    It's lovely ! Congrats !
  6. :tender: 0o0o0 so beautiful!!! congrats!
  7. I LOVE IT!!! I find red epi very sexy!!!:graucho:
  8. Lovely!! Can't wait to get my Jasmin!!
  9. I want that!!! Looks awesome! I was looking for a red suede bag but I may have to take a peek at that one next time I'm at LV.

  10. Congrats! that was SOOOO nice of him!
  11. Isn't the red Alma divine? I got one couple of weeks ago and I love it, love the red with the silver:love: Congrats:yahoo:
  12. Gorgeous color and looks great on you, congrats!!
  13. :nuts: looks gorgeous. congrats!
  14. Wow, that was super nice of him! Congrats!!! The red epi is so gorgeous.
  15. absolutely gorgeous! how nice of him! :love:
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