Another red bag obsession!! Is this a good deal?!

  1. Very good price. I hope to get a red bag soon. :girlsigh:
  2. I was at my outlet today and I think that bag was going for $98.00 So I think thats a fairly good deal!
  3. Now I feel crappy about getting it :sad:

  4. Why?? If It was $98 then you would have to pay tax and gas money to get there and get it!! So it probably would even out!
  5. What a great deal. Hope you got it.
  6. Ya don't feel bad at all! With tax and gas you did great! I think there was only one left and it was alittle scratched!

  7. Exactly! you got a good deal on a really cute bag! Enjoy it!
  8. Well I hope I love it when I get it.:sweatdrop: I saw it at the outlet awhile ago (i think it was 150 with 20% off) and kept looking at it, but wasn't sure. I'm taking a chance on the colour, and this will be my first mini c signature style anything. Does anyone own mini signature purses?