Another reason why I LOVE Coach!

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  1. So I went last week and bought those sunglasses and other trinkets from our local Coach store. Well, this morning I checked our mailbox to pick up yesterday's mail. And I got a Card! I was thinking, who is sending me a card? Other than a cousin getting married and I thought maybe it was an invite to their wedding. I couldn't imagine who'd send me mail. Imagine my surprise when I turn the envelope over and see a Coach emblem on the back. Hoping it was an invite to PCE, I ripped it open! And my dismay to discover one wasn't in there! :sad:

    However, I found a NICE note from the Salesgirl who helped me when I bought my sunglasses. She remembered what I bought and invited me to come back again soon. She also wrote: Remember only four more months~Which is a reference to how many months I have left for my husband's deployment overseas. I thought that was SO sweet that she remembered me and made it personal.

    Has anyone else ever gotton a personal note or card from Coach before? Talk about personalized service!

    I was tickled that I did~:heart:
  2. That's so sweet!
    I've gotten 2 but they were both the PCE thank-you's
  3. Thats really nice!
  4. Well that's nice! Seems like you have the beginnings of a great relationship with a SA!
  5. I have gotten one when I had purchased the Ergo that I ended up returning for the Leigh...

    It was nice... I hope she is there when I go back soon.
  6. Yes I have gotten a couple of nice cards just saying how they appreciate my business and hope i'll visit again soon... but have never gotten the PCE card... when I went into the COACH store just this past weekend, I said something to one of the SA's because I was a little upset that I never get the catalog OR the PCE... she said she would "personally" call me to make sure I get it... I'm not sure when I should call her about this...?? Because there is the PCE this coming up weekend AND March, right?
  7. that's so sweet! it's always nice when they put in something personal. i have gotten a thank you before, he (my super-cute SA!) wrote it on the cutest Coach card w/ pics of the Zoe clutch all over the cover.
  8. my mom's SA always personally calls her and she usually gets the card, too. i would wait and she'll probably call in march.
  9. nice! thanks nolarice... i'll be crossing my fingers! :yahoo:

  10. The boutique PCE starts March 7, and my SA already contacted me last weekend to place presale orders for me. I would not just wait and hope, but rather contact your fav. SA and ask. The thing is some of us have already done the preorders, and of course the outlet shoppers will also take the stock way down too. I did hear that the outlet shopper's PCE starts this Sat., and you must bring the invite or they won't allow it...but it doesn't matter if you place your preorder now for the March PCE. The only neg. aspect is that you have to wait till March 7 to get your stuff, but that's good in the sense that they don't charge your card till March 6, a.m., and you have license to change your mind between now and then. It also reserves your item for you and is guaranteed to be there on March 7, and of course, they would like it if you keep adding to your list. :yes:

    Also it's probably good to wait for the March version because there will be more bags between now and then I'm sure... and right now some of the current ones cannot be ordered (like the turq. patent Gigi).
  11. Thanks baglady! i know there are SO many things that I want... I just bought the XL Heritage satchel and some accessories, so i'm trying to limit myself to what I'm gonna buy since I already spent enough $ on that... but after seeing coachfreak's lily... i want one! i have always wanted one of those, but can never get myself to spend that much on a bag... :crybaby:i might just have to use my PCE on it, the thing is there were 3 SA's that were helping me, so I'm not sure what all their names are... I know one of their names... LOL.. coachfreak convinced me w/those damn pics! LOL :drool:

  12. Yeah, I know! Darn pics!! :yes: I got the camel lily too... I wish they would come out with a large style in a diff. color since black is all that's left! Bummer, I missed the Atlantic one, and I'm so jealous because my SA has that one!! :crybaby: You're right the lily bags are pricey, but this is a bag that's less likely to show up at the outlets, although there have been a few here and there on eBay. As for the camel wristlets, they do have those at the outlet, and I scored last weekend! They also have black. :tup: Now I just have to afford the wallet, but that will be way down the line. I have one that will work for now.

    I also saw the Bridgit post yesterday, and now I added that to my list. Again, darn pics!! Initially I was trying to choose between the two and thought the camel lily would be more practical and that I would use it more. Leave it me to change my mind! I'm sure this why my SA contacted me so early..she knows I will keep adding to the list. :p

    I would recommend you go in the store and talk to the specific person rather than phoning. They have a harder time saying no if you talk (and plead) in person..especially if they know you want to order a higher priced item that might not last. ;) I had been telling my SA since I bought the Thompson at the last PCE in Dec., that I would get this or that bag at the next event... and I kept going in the store and asking my SA when it was. So that's probably why she contacted me early, that and she knows the ones I like may not last. Well, actually, the truth is I'm a total pain in the butt, so she also might have just wanted to shut me up!!:yes:
  13. That is so sweet!
  14. That's was super sweet of her.
  15. On most visits I get a personal note which does include the items I purchased.