Another reason why I love CHOCOLATE....

  1. So I've been cheating on Bal with Fendi :shame:
    But I think Bal is still my first love :love: Especially with something CHOCOLATE to tempt and tantalize me... it really proves chocolate is good for your soul! :heart:

    I was having a bad day with tests and all, and then this lovely WE came in the mail, accompanied by lovely wrapping paper and a lovely little note from an even lovelier PF'er :love: and it was enough to make me start singing! :p
    CIMG2051.JPG CIMG2052.JPG CIMG2053.JPG
  2. More pictures - I just went a little trigger happy :shame:

    The bag without flash and with flash... I think the picture without flash captures the color much better
    CIMG2068.JPG CIMG2069.JPG
  3. FEET! OMG my WE HAS FEET! (ok, I was soo excited over this because none of my other Bals had feet and I was just so immensely enamoured with it) LOL :yahoo:

    I am crazy, I know. :sweatdrop:
  4. More pictures! :heart:
  5. And the last of the lot...
  6. OOOOOOOOOOoh I cant wait to start working again so I can buy me one of those...!

    But not pics of you modelling? Cmonnnnn!

  7. Weeelll. I am currently in ratty ol' PJ's so those will have to come tomorrow! :p
  8. your funny pyrexia :p yes the we has feet, love your chocolate gorgeous color !
  9. ^^ lol, you're too cute girl, congrats!!! :tender:

  10. I love your chocolate weekender. That is now officially on my list! I travel quite a bit, and I have a LV rolling piece of luggage that I can carry on with me, and I could use the chocolate weekender as my handbag, and put it on top of my roller piece of LV - it would look great! This is my favorite weekender that I have seen - all of them are gorgeous, but this one is the best!:yes:
  11. I have to say that your bag looks good enough to eat! MMMMM...chocolate...:drool:
  12. Oh, it's SO PRETTY! I love the color! CONGRATS!!!!:yahoo:
  13. Oh my it's TDF! :biggrin:
  14. very beautiful!! congrats.
  15. So, pyrexia, are you trying to tell us, in not so many words, that you like this bag? ;) :graucho: Oye vey, that is one bag that is really TDF! It looks so yummy... Congratulations! :yahoo: