Another reason why I just love LV!

  1. I've always been a little intimidated about posting on tpf, but I decided I'd share my story with you! :yes:

    So, a couple of days ago I got a new cell phone, and as I was switching my MC strap from one phone to the other I somehow managed to break the little black string. :sad:

    I was so sad, because I had just purchased this in December on my trip to Paris.

    I decided to go to Saks today, and see if they could send it in for repair. The SA said she could send it in, and I would probably have it in 6-8 weeks. So, she asked for my receipt, and verified that it had only been 3 months since I purchased it.

    She then tells me they may have one in the store, and can replace mine with a new one! :wlae:

    Below are pics of my original strap (first two pics), followed by my new one (last two pics).

    I sort of liked the original strap better, because everything was even. On this one, the fleurs (?) aren't exactly even all around, but oh well!

    Thank you for letting me share!
    cellstrap2.JPG cellstrap3.JPG cellstrap4.JPG cellstrap5.JPG
  2. Great LV service! looks great with your Razr too! :smile:
  3. i'm glad you got it fixed
  4. Thank you! I was very impressed with the service. I've never really received bad service from LV in general, but this was just so unexpected. :smile:
  5. It's good to hear that you got good LV service.
  6. Great looking strap. Glad you got your replacement.
  7. looks great!
  8. happy to hear you got a replacement :smile:
  9. Why didn't they produce them with black string when I bought mine over 2 years ago?! Mine's an ugly yellow string :yucky:
  10. Happy to hear of great service.
  11. Thanks for sharing, nice to hear a good service story!
  12. Awesome!
  13. Great news!! Do you mind if I ask how much that strap costs? I adore it!!
  14. I love your cell phone strap! And congrats on getting a new one..isn't LV just amazing??!!! :smile:
  15. Aww... how cute! Congrats!