Another reason why HH sales = trouble...


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
Refreshing the sale page is bad. It makes me notice things that I didn't want previously. I've had my first HH for about 4 days, have 3 others from this 75% off sale coming in transit, and I've already added 3-4 bags to my wishlist. I am reallllly craving that Camille clutch right now. It's nothing like what I own! I think I might need the Oryx clutch too...dang.

How much is the spring sale percentage, usually?? If it's a good percentage maybe I can fulfill all wants at once during the spring sale :P


Will work for bags!
Feb 13, 2008
Land of potatoes...
Who knows?? They don't seem to have any method to their madness! :confused1:

I'll probably get the one or two things I really want as soon as they're marked down even a little (25% or so) to be sure they don't sell out. Then I'll just wait and see what I can score once they're really on sale.


Mar 15, 2007
karman -
just keep a mental note of prices for the items that you are "eyeing"..... or ask on the subforum about prices....
cuz they can go up/down w/each sale and sometimes we just have to nab it when we THINK it's the best price shown......
As a great example: - you got the Pamela at the best price we have ever seen........

Rule of Thumb w/HH sales:
no rhyme/reason

it's utter madness
it's a total crap shoot
it's totally unpredictable
and just when you think that the item has sold out.....

it magically reappears!!!

hopefully, you get the message!

LOL :heart:

and I have YOU to blame for sending me over the edge on Pamela!


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Sep 2, 2007
Los Angeles
so can't regret your HH purchases if it pops up later for cheaper...that's just how their sales work. they'll discount a brand new item right away, or sometimes they won't. they'll take 30% off an item one time, 60% off the next time. it's totally random. sometimes a good thing, other times not so much. depends how you see it! good luck shopping for your wishlist items!