Another reason to love x-mas --> more bags

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  1. This is my biggest purchase for the year :yahoo:. I've been eyeing at these babies for awhile and they are now here with me. My wish list for this year is almost complete (I would like have a tivoli pm too), but I couldn't ask for more. Happy holidays!
    unopen.jpg suhali_2.jpg chanel.jpg group.jpg
  2. :woohoo: Congrats....... Love your Le Tal...... hehe
    and your Chanel is stunning!!!!!

    modeling pics? :p
  3. Congrats the le tal:love:
  4. Thank ladies. I will have model pics coming later :smile:
  5. awesome, awesome purchases!
  6. awsome purchase. Love the chanel!
  7. Gorgeous pieces! Love them both!
  8. congrats on your two beautiful bags!
  9. Wow, congratulations, what wonderful purchases!
  10. congrats on your new bags! :drinkup: black and white never looked so good to me!:love: can't wait for the modeling pics!!!
  11. Pretty, congrats!
  12. beautiful!!!
  13. They are both lovely - congrats.:yahoo:
  14. OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats
  15. They're beautiful! Congrats!