Another reason to love Katharine McPhee (her first big splurge was on LV)!

  1. Caught this in this month's Lucky magazine and was like "ohh this would be great to share with the forum!!" :nuts:

    Gotta love a (runner-up) Idol with style!
  2. cool! i'd love a piece of LV luggage! maybe one day... :girlsigh:
  3. oooh. aren't there pics of her with a speedy 35?

    ot: her album is my guilty pleasure lol
  4. I ADORE HER and her album is SOOOO GOOOOD!
  5. Very cool!
  6. teeheee. great choice on her part =)
  7. yeah, me too! *sigh*
  8. She certainly knows her luggage ! Does anyone think she looks like Catherine Zeta Jones ? Like eerily so ?
  9. She does look like Catherine Zeta Jones!! She is just amazingly beautiful and talented.
  10. Yes!!!
  11. ^^ I agree, she looks like CZJ. That make me like her even more!
  12. The patina on that Alzer's handle looks amazing! :drool:
  13. thats what i would splurge on if i suddenly became rich and famous!
  14. wow, I just previewed her album and I think i'm gonna go get it! it sounds real good!

    she's super pretty I think. Who did she lose to?
  15. what a great choice!