Another reason to love Hermes

  1. Chances are you will not find Hermes items being sold in SAMS CLUB, COSTCO, OR BJ's.

    I admit that perhaps I am being a little stuck up. But I was appalled tonight to go into SAMS and see Fendi and Prada being sold. The bags looked like they were poor quality. Now imagine being able to buy huge boxes of cereal and large gallons of milk, and pick up a birkin before you reach the register. Makes me shudder. :sick: :yucky:
  2. I would tend to agree nathansgirl. Making Birkins and Kellys limited in their availability will make me appreciate one even more. However, Costco does have beautiful diamonds! Have you checked out there website? They have a diamond rings for $300,000, all guaranteed to be VVS I, I believe...
  3. I have looked at their website. I know that a billionaire bought his wife's ring there some years ago. I guess I'm just too particular about things. And I don't quite understand how a place like that is able to sell high end merchandise. Raises a few questions for me. I wonder, as someone as on the thread in the Fendi section suggested, if these high end companies are secretly sending their wares to these places, but publicly not acknowledging such an exchange.
  4. " where did u get ur engagement ring?"
    "Cost---i mean..Harry Winston..."
  5. lol :lol:
  6. There are always a select few jewelry pieces there that go for HIGH prices. I think it's just the general idea that you go to Costco etc to save money and buy "cheap" stuff. But they do have high quality merchandise there also...usually at better deals which they are able to provide because of their size.
  7. it is true..I have seen the specs of some jewlery pieces at Costco and they aren't shabby at all. It's just the same feeling of buying Fendi at Costco..the stuck up factor I guess. :sick::P
  8. High end goods sold at Costco? So unglamorous......
  9. That was Bill Gates.

  10. lol :P
  11. And as long as the ring doesn't come with a huge "I bought this at costco" sign, a diamond ring is a diamond ring, right?
  12. No the billionaire that I heard about wasn't Bill Gates. It may be the guy who owns SAS, but it wasn't Bill Gates.
  13. For me its the idea. If he bought it at Costco, it seems like he is trying to go the cheap, stingy route. I don't like stingy men. At all. Being frugal and saving money on household applainces and grocery is one thing, but I expect my man to go all out when it comes to jewelry and at least go to a reputable jeweler.
  14. I do enjoy handbags, and I enjoy diamonds as well. A diamond is definitely, most certainly not, just a diamond. The cut of the diamond is of utmost importance, as important as the leather in a handbag. Imagine buying a Birkin made of pleather. Would you? It's still a Birkin, made by Hermes, but they chose pleather for this handbag.

    There are people who are as obsessed about diamonds, as we ladies are about handbags. There are many criteria to diamonds, and while Costco guarantees their's to be of a certain criteria (I, VVS1), who cares if the cut is poor and the diamond looks like cut glass?? Their lights are also tricky, they make ANY diamond look absolutely fabulous! (ETA: I am not saying that Costco has poorly cut diamonds, I am saying that they do not provide adequate certification to show that it's a well cut diamond, no crown or pavillion angles, no table info - just colour and clarity, and I believe EGL certified for that, not even AGS or GIA. So what you leave with could be lower than I VVS1 if the certifier is not trustworthy!)
    Cut can hide a lower colour, as well as a lower clarity. There are J SI2's that are unbelievable and you would never guess they are low in colour or clarity, because all you see is sparkle. An Ideal cut H&A J will blow a poorly cut D out of the water!

    Ok, I have so deviated from handbags! :shame: To get a little back on topic, I would no more make a significant diamond purchase at Costco, than you ladies would purchase a Birkin from them : )

    I wish you well,


  15. Well said. I wholeheartedly agree.