Another reason to love Buffalo Exchange (as if you neeed another reason)


Dec 15, 2009
Ok. So it turns out the only Buffalo Exchange ANYWHERE near me (6.5 hour drive away in Minneapolis MN) does NOT get premium designers. On the rare occasion that any come in, they are referred elsewhere.

So upset with this info (after seeing amazing deals other TPFers have gotten) I decided to randomly call another Buffalo Exchange. Houston Texas won.

So I call them up and tell them that I am a Canadian living NO WHERE NEAR them but that the city i live in does not have ONE store that sells premium designers and that I was wondering if i could pay over the phone with a credit card and they mail something to me if they had what I was looking for. The manager doubted it, but said she would look into it.

5 hours later i get a call. They would be MORE than happy to do it for me! I can pay by credit card over the phone, or they will hold it for me while i express a money order to them!!!!

AND IT GETS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They asked what i was looking for. I gave a few brands/styles (manolo blahnik heals, chanel ballet flats) and they will call me if any come in in my size!!!!!!! And the manager said if anything else comes in she thinks is fabulous in my size she will snap a picture on her iphone and sms me the pic for me to look at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM DANCING FOR JOY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


Apr 1, 2007
that is awesome customer service!!

there's a buffalo exchange near me - it's actually close to a trendy vintage store in the same neighborhood where everyone who works there is SO rude. even though their selection is bigger, i won't even go to the other store anymore, knowing that Buffalo Exchange is just a few blocks away where the people are always so nice.