another reason to h8 winter

  1. ok, so not long ago my mom and dad got me a great small chelsea outlet edition hobo in pebbled leather. even when i adjust the strap to the max, it just sits over my winter coat. is this gonna look stupid? i mean, do u need a certain amount of drop to avoid ue bag looking silly? i dont have a winter black bag that i really like w a long strap. m finding coach does a lot of short straps lately.
  2. you should take a pic and show probably doesn't look bad. if it feels comfortable enough and is just tucked under your arm then it's fine.

    as if we even need another reason to hate winter....
  3. :p I'm probably in the minority, but I love winter! I'm a state below you and we are finally dropping into cooler temps this week! :yahoo: I have all my sweaters and fall jackets ready to go and summer stuff is packed away. Winter coats and boots (and I'm getting new black Uggs this year!) are right behind the fall stuff...

    OK, maybe I love winter for all the cool clothes -- but I love fall and snow and even January! February is kinda the month from hell but at least it's short...

    gabz - I find that the majority of my Coach bags do NOT work with a winter coat... I get so frustrated over that. One of the reasons I like the Bleeckers is for the longer strap!
  4. I H8 winter coats too!!! This year I have my chocolate Carly which fits VERY comfortably w/ my heaviest winter coat b/c of her slouch, so I am THRILLED!!!!! (first thing I did after I filled her up w/ my goodies was lug out the heavy winter coat and try her on!!!!) With Coach bags having such short shoulder straps, it is hard to find the perfect one to fit w/ your coat!!! Take some pics and show us some modelling, girl!!!!!
  5. I for us "hot and fluffy" girls, the straps are sometimes tight already + the winter coat = what was a decent fitting shoulder bag, turns into a handheld tote. :upsidedown:
  6. I love fall and winter but I definitely HATE bags with short straps. I need something longer than what is popular right now and sometimes I can't buy a bag that I really love the look of just because it has a short strap.