Another reason to buy cute designer bags

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  1. Being a mommy of 2 little babies it is hard to get yourself ready after you have to bathe, dress, feed them etc. just to get out of the house to do errands, anyway, a wise and very fashion conscious friend of mine said once " As long as you carry a nice bag, you can look like total crap and still not look so bad " I thought this was great ! Of course we always try to look our best but when we can't ...
  2. How funny..I totally a mommy of 2 in soccer, school and everything else, I always feel like I'm in a rush and don't look great, but I always think..."well I have a great bag!" :smile:
  3. i believe a simple white top, blue jeans and a nice bag will Always look Great :nuts:

  4. I totally agree! I hardly EVER dress up here (im in N Central Alaska on a military base). But I always am sporting my Coach and feel like it dresses me up enough :smile:
  5. Agreed! A great bag and IMHO a pair of earrings are key accessories even in workout clothes!
  6. i think a great bag and cute sunglasses can always make me feel a lil dressier even when in sweats!
  7. I'll add "lipstick" and "sunglasses" along with the great bag!
  8. very, very true!:smile:
  9. It's so true! My Coach bag always makes me feel prettier when I take it out.
  10. I wish I felt that way! I am not a morning person (lord help me if and when i ever have kids) so 90% of the time I am running late for work and don't put too much thought into my outfit (is it clean? yes? ok wearing it). Luckily I work for such a small company and we never have clients visit, so there really isn't a dress code. Anyway, on days that I feel like I look like complete crap, I feel out of place with my I'm trying too hard (although it doesn't stop me from carrying it!)
  11. ITA! I'm usually in shorts and a t-shirt and flip flops with my hair in a ponytail. But my bag always looks HOT :graucho: Or even if I have my scrubs on and I'm carrying my bag into work, it makes me feel good.
  12. totally agree :biggrin: a bag can totally dressu p an outfit!
  13. I totally agree - Adding lippy is me getting dressed up :P

  14. OMG Glitter Girl - that's ALL the justification I need to buy and have lovely arm candy! Your look gets an instant "Upgrade" when you're sporting a wonderful bag! I'm a sahm with two little ones as well... and I really DO feel great with my chloe paddy or coach mia even while I'm just wearing a clearance tee from target or sam's club and old ratty jeans!!!

    And come to think of it, I know that when I spot another woman/mom, say at the grocery store, wearing a simple outfit but sporting a fab bag... I automatically give them a smile and nod of approval because I KNOW that deep down they have excellent taste and aren't afraid to "treat" themselves to the finer things in life, even if they're just a housewife wearing crappy clothes like I do!

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us!!!:tup: