Another reason to become an SA....

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  2. Wow!! But I thought LV SAs are not allowed to resale. Couldn't he / she get in trouble for it?
  3. Dang.

    I wanna work at LV!
  4. Yes they could...and the invoice number will tell LV exactly who bought it!
  5. :love:ahhh, an LV discount, but then I would have to wait for any new or limited bags and...I....just...can'
  6. ^ or you could have a family member go on the waitlist for you and pay them back later. :p

    i think the SA could get in trouble though...
  7. that's crazy!
    although I heard they weren't allowed to do that too, was it for sure a sales associate discount?
  9. Wow...jealous. Need to go make friends with people at LV.
  10. hmmmmmm.....I dunno....
    I'd rather do the buying than the selling ......
  11. ^^I believe they get that much off a couple times a year, on past-season shoes, rtw, and accessories (scarves, gloves, etc.).
  12. Yah, but the problem is that you don't always get what you want. I was told that you can't just go in to LV and use your discount. Certain bags are released to sell and it gets offered to the top honcho's then works it's way down to the SA's. By the time it's your turn, you may not like what's left. Plus I've seen too many times how some customers can be really snooty and rude. I dunno if I can deal with them without wanting to smack them with a bag.
  13. That's awesome! :tup:
  14. i have a friend who works at LV and they do not get 85% even close