Another Reason Not To Use USPS!!!

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  1. My mom told me this week they had two postal workers fired for stealing packages with high insured values. They were also opening birthday cards and taking out the money & gift cards.

    So sad and pathetic!!!
  2. Unfortunately the USPS does not have a monopoly on dishonest employees, I would put UPS at the top of that list.
  3. Wouldn't that in a way be considered felony? I wonder have usps ever been sued for this since it happens so often and I see complaints all over the internet...I was even informed of a local auction held by them once. just because they are gov based gives them the freedom to break the law and treat customers like crap? they know they're not going out of businessand and all
  4. This could happen with any carrier -not just USPS.
  5. I agree it happens with other carriers but opening people's birthday cards is pretty low.
  6. Unfortunately it does happen with other carriers shocking as it is..

    but birthday cards.. that's a new all time low
  7. Dishonesty is everywhere. I don't hold USPS, or any other business above anyone else. This doesn't surprise me.
  8. Actually, I've had far more problems with UPS that USPS. UPS lost 3 packages of mine a few years ago and I went through HELL trying to get reimbursed for the package that went to Canada. I have used USPS for the last few years for all ny items with NO problems and items arrive in just a couple of days, the packages aren't all beat to crap either.
  9. That's so awful...
  10. It doesn't surprise me in the least... hOWEVER, my daughter took a seasonal job at UPS loading parcels...and the thievery was not only rampant, it was blatant... From boxes containing prescription medications, to electronics, to clothing retailers, you name it, she saw employees steal every single shift she worked... Once a parcel was torn open, and a loader saw it contained marijuana, and employees confiscated it instead of reporting it.... Just last night on nightline there was a segment featuring an undercover sting operation with TSA agents at 10 major US airports, and sadly, the results were disgusting....just another day in the MOST entitled society in the history of the world... And not likely to get any better....
  11. I agree with some of what you wrote. Stealing should be a felony, and I think that anyone who engages in it should be penalized, no matter who they work for and whether or not they are employed. I disagree with your blanket statement about government employees, though. There are bad apples in EVERY barrel.

    And I've had problems with both USPS and UPS. It almost makes me never want to mail anything at all. So far, I've had OK experiences with FedEx, but I'm sure they're not exempt from having dishonesty in their company, either.
  12. Agree. By the way, I found out from one of my local post office's long time employees that many of the "back room" and delivery workers are NOT government employees anymore, they're contractors. Contractors that are usually low bid winners hire the cheapest workers they can find. Our delivery person can barely speak basic English and has a bad attitude. We've had a lot of delivery issues in my neighborhood and our HOA sent around a notice asking everyone to please make reports to the Post Office.

    USPS & FedEx are regularly in the news with their workers doing unbelievable things.

    ALL these employees stealing or deliberately abusing parcels should be FIRED immediately.

    Unfortunately, with Christmas approaching it's going to get worse.
  13. I have heard this about UPS too. My friend has had first hand experience.
  14. Thats bad.... does this means that it is safer to go through Fed Ex or DHL???? Or they are all the same? Or it boils down to our luck when we mail the items out??
  15. sorry to hear about your mail delivery. I've been fortunate enough to have had great delivery people. And yes, with Christmas coming up quickly, we have to be careful. Luckily, for me, I will see everyone I need to gift in person, so I won't need to mail anything out except cards. BTW, I :heart: your siggy! I've had 2 very bad experiences with ebay recently, and I'm totally done and over their really bad service---especially to sellers!