Another reason I love Christian Louboutin

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  1. Tonight my husband and I went to dinner with a friend. My hubby did not want to valet his new E63, so we parked the car one block up the slope. After he parked, I told him there is no way I can make it down to the slope with my Louboutin 4.5" heel.
    After I stepped out I asked hubby to walk in front of me so I can hold on to his shoulders. After a few steps, I felt the balance. I can actually walk down the slope myself, slowly though. So I just hold hubby's hand tight and walked down myself.
    I have been wearing 4" high heels most of the time, and it is impossible to maintain balance on slope. It must be something to do with the design.
    I think I just love Louboutin more and more!!
  2. Wow!!! First of all, how can you walk in 4.5 inch heels!!!!!!!!??????? I can't walk in them, wow, good thing you found balance.

  3. Wow! You are a talented lady! CL's kind of hurt my feet sometimes depending on the style but I'm amazed you were able to walk down the slope!! Next time, tell your hubby to drop you off & he can walk to the restaurant w/ his low heeled shoes!! My hubby doesn't like to valet either & I make him do that esp if I'm walking in my 4" heels!:graucho::wlae:
  4. mychillywilly, i am big CL fan. i have to ask, which style did you have on? yoyos or zeppas?