another RAVE for GHD flat irons!

  1. my hair is super, super, super curly and i live in SUPER HUMID Georgia - i've tried both Rusk and Chi flat irons, and both made my hair straight, but it never had any staying power. as soon as i set the iron down, my hair would slowly start to poof out.

    well, i went to a new salon to get my hair colored earlier this week, and i didn't know that they used GHD products until i got there (i had read ichelle's rave over her GHD a few weeks ago), so i asked the girl to flat iron my hair when she was done so i could try it. of course SHE did a good job with it, and i haven't been satisfied with my Chi, so i figured it was worth a shot.

    i took one home and WOW. it now takes me 5 minutes to flat iron my hair instead of 30, and i get absolutely NO poof. at all. it looks like i was born with straight hair until i wash it again.

    i figured today's 1:00 college football game in 90-degree Georgia heat would be the ultimate test - i styled my hair as normal and flat ironed it, nothing special to combat the humidity.

    i stood outside and sweated for 4 hours in direct sunlight (and i have the nasty sunburn to prove it) and my hair looks like i JUST flat ironed it a moment ago. i never thought ANYTHING would be able to do this for my hair - plus, it doesn't look all dry and fried and flat ironed like the Chi made it look - the GHD leaves it super shiny and healthy looking!

    ladies, it cost $240, but from what i can see it's not damaging my hair, it cuts my prep time down to a fraction of what it was before, and it looks a thousand times better! i highly, HIGHLY recommend this iron for anyone that has damaged hair or anyone that has had bad experiences with irons in the past. i can't say enough about it, i honestly never thought my hair could look this way.
  2. yay! another GHD fan! go amanda! :biggrin: $240 may seem steep but it is quite a smart investment, especially when your hair gets transformed from blah to gorgeous in no time flat ;) congrats and enjoy!
  3. Good for you girl! I love this thing too, the only thing I hate is ALL of my friends constantly coming over to use it. :p
  4. OMG!! Amanda, between yours and Ichelle's testimonies I am ready to plunk down cash for this. I currently use a cocktail of too many serums at various parts of my hair drying routine which are really time consuming with my hair dryer, brushes and large barrel curling iron. [Man, I miss the big hair days of the 1980s which were a no brainer for me]. Anyway, my hair frizzes even in relatively low humidity Seattle so this looks like a great solution for me too and well worth the $$

    Question: how many products do you still need to use with GHD??
  5. i use the ghd and have done so for years.. its THE BEST hair straightner ever.. i just use a serum on top for non drying effect cuz of the heat and thats it i LOVE it.. i only know how to do it straight though no clue how to go curly
  6. bought GHD for my daughter from Sephora and it takes her 5 mins to straighten her hair with no frizzing even with our high humidity.

    got her two products to use: the Protector and Creation Spray for when she wants to curl her thick Asian hair. she loves it!
  7. i find that i need a LOT less product with the GHD as well - i was loaded down with product before. i use the GHD 'Fat Hair Lotion' when my hair is still wet to add a bit of volume (my hair is fairly thin, just really curly and frizzy) and a little bit of shine serum afterward (which i probably don't need - force of habit, i suppose) and then a light dusting of nonsticky hairspray to fight the humidity while it's still summer and hot.

    before, i had mousse, biosilk, flat iron spray, shine serum, and then hairspray...and it still didn't work.
  8. I too am thinking of getting the GHD after these two recommendations. I live in Georgia and the heat/ humidity makes my hair frizz in less than 5 minutes so I have not bothered straigtening it all summer. I definitely think that i need to make the investment.
  9. i was in the same boat (and also in Georgia) - i didn't flat iron all summer, because i figured, what's the point? it'll just frizz anyway. i haven't had that problem one bit with my GHD, it's been perfect. it's like i was born with this hair.
  10. this is awesome!
    i can't wait to get mine this christmas!
  11. Do you need to use heat protectant, too? I'm really thinking about buying one, I have a Chi right now.
  12. gosh, i think i need one too! LOL

    i have one question tho...what makes it straighten hair so much faster? everyone was saying it cuts their straightening time in half so i was wondering how LOL

    if it really works that good and cuts that much time out of getting ready in the morning I'd pay that for it in a min!
  13. The fat hair lotion has heat proctectant in it, but so did the mousse i was using before - the Chi was just so damaging to my hair that i needed as much extra protection as i could get. the ghd isn't having that effect, so i haven't been using the flat iron spray.

    and i'm not really sure why the ghd is so much faster. it might have something to do with the materials that the plates are made out of.
  14. I don't use any styling products with mine. Welcome to the club!
  15. is it safe to get these off eBay? i haven't checked for them yet but i don't want a fake...if they are faked?