Another rare beauty-reveal

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  1. The denim Bayswater bag ?
  2. I'm here
  3. no
  4. no
  5. Well done Loveheart for guessing correctly along with holleigh yes that is correct the large denim bays holdall.

    Needed a denim bag badly.

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  6. great bag Honey - I really like these (and wouldn't mind getting hold of one to use for my "sports" stuff, it'd be light enough & roomy enough - don't panic though, nothing wet or muddy involved, LOL) xx
  7. Nice and great fun- why not !
  8. Aww thanks holleigh xxxx

  9. :ty:
  10. Arrived today and prob the biggest Mulberry i have ever owned its massive.
    Ideal for a weekend ,travel, baby, gym or hosp bag.

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  11. Well done Jan, expect she was another bargain :tup: Looks really useful for all the above ..........................................................all you need now is a backpack ;)
  12. Fab find Jan, congratulations :biggrin: a very useful addition to your collection. :tup:
  13. Thanks she was but i was willing to pay more for this one as it was wanted badly and having missed out prev on this. Ha ha Backpack didn't think of that.:lol::graucho:
  14. :ty::urock:
  15. This is great :biggrin: I have not seen one of these before, the denim is fab. Looks like a really useful bag. Congrats :ghi5: