Another rant against USPS (just venting)


Aug 31, 2006
*sigh* Where do I begin? I sent out a check to a seller on December 22, and as we speak, she hasn't received it! Ugh, I'm so annoyed. She lives across the US from where I live, and I figure it got lost amongst the holidays and bad weather. I've heard horror stories of lost packages (and this happened to me, too!), but lost letters? I'm sure this is a common occurrence, albeit I did put a return address on the envelope! :cursing: And it's not like I sent the letter 2nd class or anything! God, this is so cumbersome.

In the meantime, I'm ready to put a stop payment and send a new one.

And here's a kicker, too: I just found out that one of the schools I'm applying to for graduate school hasn't received a couple of my letters of recommendation. One of my references refused to send the letter to me (which she should have) and sent it directly to the school. They can't find it, and I'm wondering whether it even got through...gah. Part of the reason why I'm worried is because that envelope has my SSN on there, and I'm already a paranoid wreck after finding out I was a potential victim of identity theft. At least the professor who contacted me said that my GRE scores look good...


Thanks for letting me vent. I used to side with USPS, but now I'm not sure what shipping method I like after my problems with each and every one of them (DHL, Fed-Ex, UPS, etc....).
I know how you feel. I have had letters get lost too (and packages which were insured and tracked and the USPS lied about me getting delivery notices when I literally stayed home for a week to wait for it...UGH)

dont worry, things will get better. Maybe contact your refrences and let them know what is going on and maybe they can shoot an email to someone from the school you are applying to and let them know that they sent out everything and its the post office's fault.

I would definately suggest stoping the payment and sending a new check. WHat you can do is send it in the flat rate next day envelop for $14 which guarantees next day and the receivers have to sign when they get it.
ugg i remember with recommendation letters and transcripts for college stuff wound up in other offices in the colleges mailboxes and they wouldn't go hunting unless you called up and said 'look i know it arrived, go fetch'