Another rant against restrictions

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  1. So...I have been selling on eBay for 9 years, Powerseller, perfect feedback record of 300+ and am an MPRS. Last night, I realized that I'd inadverently listed a $6000+ bag as the wrong colour. I went to revise it and bam!- no dice. Seller limits on the account. I emailed Trust and Safety immediately to inquire as to why this had happened and to request that based on my selling history and the fact that I have a consignment business that depends on eBay to lift these immediately. I heard back this morning- and the email said that the account had been reviewed and that the restrictions were valid...? WTF? I have NEVER sold anything remotely counterfeit or questionable. Now I'm being accused of being a fraudulent seller.
    Now, I am faced with keeping the wrong colour listed for my item or ending it because the colour is incorrect, and losing the insertion fee, which for $6000 is significant. So, essentially, I am now misrepresenting the item due to this policy- isn't that exactly what it's supposed to avoid?
    Sorry- had to vent! I am SOOOO fuming right now!:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. I had the same thing happen to me on a L.V. Bag I had listed. I inadvertently spelt Vuitton with "ttt". Well they wouldn't let me change it and pulled my listing with a restriction. I am also 100% and never sold a fake in my life. I was so mad.
  3. I would just add the information to the listing, where you can "revise" it. Say that you made a listing mistake and the color is actually _______. Or, when you get a bid, just email the bidder and explain the situation and ask if they'd still like to bid. I would do a live chat with eBay over this, it's significant. It may even warrant a phone call to eBay... do they have a number you can call to explain the situation? I hope this works out for you!
  4. I think the best thing is to call ebay and see if there is anyway to resolve this. Yes...i agree with kolibriszuka about adding a sentence in your description about the actual color of the bag and that you accidently listed it wrong. hope everythin works out in the end.
  5. I would add the description thing. In the meantime I would continue to email ebay.
    What a great way for ebay to generate more profit, by forcing sellers to end listings early! What a joke!
  6. I can't add to the description either, I can't change it in any shape or form:rolleyes:
  7. About a month ago I had a VERY high end costume listed and I had two bidders going gang busters crazy for the dress which was GREAT for me. However, originally, I only had a stock photo and wanted to add my photos as soon as the batteries of my camera were replaced. Well, there was some glitch with Ebay at the time that wouldn't allow a lot of people to edit their auctions and to solve the problem they wanted me to end my auctions (I had three such auctions where I couldn't add more pics). They said they would refund my fees if I ended them. I vehemently REFUSED to do so because 1, I had bidders, two this was a halloween costume and time was of the essences, Three, AFTER I posted my dresses three more sellers came on with very similar dresses (on day 5 of my auction) and I couldn't be sure I would get as good a price if I started all over again.

    FINALLY, they refunded my listing fees even though I didn't end my auctions, but it took TWO DAYS and about 5 hours of my time. And we weren't talking huge amounts of moeny, but when THEY are at fault and they STILL don't waive fees? POOR BUSINESS DECISION MAKING!
  8. That's what I find so bizarre about these restrictions - why do they only kick in when you go to revise a tiny detail? I only had this happen once when I went to revise a description and did nothing but let it run because it was only a typo I wanted to correct. Even more weirdly within 48 hours I was able to revise the typo in the auction and the whole transaction proceeded as normal. As a power seller, do you have a named contact who can investigate for you?
  9. YES!!!!! It's been resolved:yahoo:. I had to take it pretty high up and use some really long words, but I just received a notification that all limits have been removed from my account.
    There is reason over there, you just have to dig reeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllllly deep!
  10. Glad you could get it resolved. I beat my head against every wall possible. I also was a Power Seller, all positive feedback, long time member and had never ever sold a fake. Well, I tried to edit a listing and bam... same message. Then began the live help, the emails, the phone calls, got routed to Power Seller support, Trust and Safety... on and on. Got the same email about the restrictions being valid. So, I said fine... remove me from being a power seller because basically you are asking me to maintain certain selling limits but now allowing me to do so. Then, I get emails begging me to stay, but wait... the limits are not removed. So basically I told them to stick it where the sun does not shine I have had enough of seeing these fake bags and these innocent ppl getting scammed while reputable ppl are taking the hit for it. I told the one person they would not know an authentic LV if it hit them in the face flying out of the LV store. I give up on Ebay's supposed "customer service" it's a crock... it's all about Ebay and them doing whatever they want to do.
  11. My items value is no where near yours but I'm equally ticked off about the same thing. All I did was list 3 Dior lip glosses this morning and forgot to change the color/flavour in the item title of my saved template, so I go to correct it and BAM. Seller restriction!

    Over some lip gloss? Come on... so of course I ended the item and ate the fee because although my buyers have eyes, and can clearly see that this was not Fruit Splash (or maybe not) I'm to much a perfectionist to runa n auction with a typo in the MAIN TITLE.

    And for how long can I not list a new item or revise because of now 2 lip glosses? My goodness.

  12. that's ridiculous! ebay drives me crazy.
  13. It is and the thing is Ebay is actually on the losing end as they are losing fees for the selling of items. Yet, today I see a seller listing multi-quantities of LV speedys... on the listing he had sold 4 w/ 3 left! They were so fake too. They had like 15 feedback too. What is that? I have ALL positive in the hundreds and cannot list mine? UGH...
  14. I didn't even know about these restrictions on eBay. What I sell is way below 1K and maybe that's why I never had a problem modifying my listings. But it seems so stupid that they won't let you change color name or "ttt" to "tt." It's just ridiculous. I am glad you could change the color name at the end. I bet the listing fee was high for $6000 item.
  15. I'm 100% feedback under 1K a month and am experiencing this same problem. I need to figure out what this restriction is and how to toss it.