Another Rant about Cricket Liverpool!

  1. Ok, I'm pretty dissapointed in them right now and not sure what to do next this is what happened:

    On May 2nd I ordered and paid for their last Magenta City.

    The transaction seemingly went smoothly and they said I would receive the bag in 5-10 business days (I paid 25 pounds for shipping!)

    almost 2 weeks later still hadnt received it so I called to get a tracking number. Jemma said she would email it to me.

    Never recieved an email from her. Emailed them twice again to get a response, no response.

    On May 26th I FINALLY got a response, they gave me the tracking number and said a delivery attempt was made but there was no response and now it is at the "returns office". What bloody returns office, there is no such thing here!

    I checked the tracking number myself and NO delivery attempt WAS EVER made. It went through customs then immediately returned to sender due to "incomplete address"

    So I emailed them my response yesterday and wont here from them likely until Monday. Problem is I am moving on Thursday!

    Keep in mind I paid for this bag almost 4 weeks ago! Who knows when its going to arrive back at Cricket Liverpool and what will they do with it? I still want the bag, but I think they should at least credit me the shipping charges considering it took so long! And I hope they dont just re-ship it without confirming my new address! What should I do?
  2. SpecialK, I think you should call them and speak to a manager this time. It seems they lied in informing you about the delivery attempt and the item now is "in-transit" somewhere-definitely not on its way to you and who knows if/when it is going back to Cricket. Plus, you have been already charged for the bag AND shipping. This is totally unacceptable. I cannot believe what they put their customers through sometimes. It's just not worth it. I'm so sorry that you are experiencing this.
  3. SpecialK, I would definitely call too. I don't find cricket very responsive to emails and that's why I haven't done business with them. If they try to charge you for shipping, I would definitely talk to my CC company also. I don't think you should pay for any of it at all. It was their mistake! Good luck and keep us posted! This really bites.
  4. Even I'm not overly impressed with them right now - it took them nearly two weeks to respond to an email I sent them. Its just far too slow.
  5. Ok, I just looked more closely to the tracking details. It left England on May 4th, got to Canada on May 5th and was sent back to the Sender on May 12th

    2006/05/1213:06International item has left Canada and is en route to destination

    Well, today is May 28th, 16 days since it left Canada! Wouldnt they have recieved the bag back by now!!!

    Oh, I hope they dont think I returned it and have sold it to someone else. I cant even call them now, they would be closed! I will be so angry if they sold it! :mad: