Another quick reveal

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  1. Here is another box with a lovely cheer-me-up present
  2. let's see!
  3. I'm here!:popcorn:
  4. Can't wait to see :nuts:!
  5. :popcorn:
  6. :couch:
  7. HERE! :salute:
  8. my first live one! bring it on!
  9. From the free online dictionary:
    quick (
    adj. quick·er, quick·est 1. Moving or functioning rapidly and energetically; speedy.
    2. Learning, thinking, or understanding with speed and dexterity; bright: a quick mind.
    3. a. Perceiving or responding with speed and sensitivity; keen.
    b. Reacting immediately and sharply: a quick temper.

    4. a. Occurring, achieved, or acquired in a relatively brief period of time: a quick rise through the ranks; a quick profit.
    b. Done or occurring immediately: a quick inspection. See Synonyms at fast1.

    Now STRIP!!!:P
  10. quickly please :biggrin:
  11. Sorry for delay! I'm on my way home.
  12. Here we go!
    and with the assistant's help [​IMG]
  13. Please, welcome the newest addition to my modest H family

    Miss Jypsiere 28 in Swift Prune with PHW[​IMG]

    On the second photo color is a bit different
  14. Gorgeous! I'd love to see modeling pics becuase I'm considering a Jypsiere myself!
  15. Thank you :flowers: Will do modeling shots in the day light (tomorrow).