another questions from a b-bag newbie!

  1. So after my last trip to Barneys and seeing everyone in their b-bags I must get one! I think I have decieded on the twiggy and i have been wanting a grey bag for a while so that is most likely the color I will get. I saw two different greys, a really light one and a dark one. Are there names to these colors? And, are there any new grey colors coming out for the fall? thanks for all your help so far ladies!
  2. does anyone have a picture of their grey b-bag that I can see??
  3. Here are pics of my 06 Grey Twiggy. I love her, she is so versatile! Two of the pics are also with my Sky Blue Twiggy.

    I wish you well,

    Grey Twiggy 01.jpg Grey Twiggy 0201.jpg Sky Blue and Grey Twiggy 01.jpg Sky Blue and Grey Twiggy 02.jpg
  4. thank you so much bridget!!! She is gorgeous!!! I cant wait to get one, by any chance do you have a picture of your wearing her?
  5. here's a picture of my old s/s '06 grey hobo/day, which is currently on her way overseas to her new momma :tender:
    DSCF2058 rev.jpg
  6. I am short and wide, just like my Twiggys, (ha) so I'm not comfortable posting pictures! : ) Sorry about that!

    I wish you well,

  7. Bridget, bama-girl, you've got gorgeous bags!!!!

    BagLover, hope you get one, they're too beautiful to pass up!
  8. thanks everyone for your insight and pictures!!!
    I am going today to get my grey twiggy, I cant wait!