another question...

  1. so i was thinking of going to the USA sat and buying a coach sig bag (hopefully khaki) will this look dumb w my ski jackets for the winter? they r like north face jackets, one red and one silver. thanks
  2. I think the khaki bags can go with pretty much everything. Or else you could always get a black bag instead.
  3. I think khaki sig bags can go w/ anything. They are pretty casual! I'd say go for it!!!:yes:
  4. I agree! Khaki siggie goes with anything! Can't wait to see your new bag! Post pics for us!
  5. Go for it! Like everyone else has said...khaki sig goes with everything and is very casual.
  6. I think it should go fine with the red one. What color hardware is on it. If it's the brass it's all a matter of what will bother you. Some people love silver and gold together and others don't. Personally I think it will go fine there too. Good luck.