Another Question,,,

  1. OK so I posted earlier asking about my odds of being able to ask for the 25% discount today even though it's a day after the 17th and my thread was closed:confused1: Whats up with that????
  2. I think it was closed because there is a specific thread to ask PCE questions in?
  3. LOL,,, oh pardon me.:shame:
  4. I can see why you would post in a sep thread, as most people are probably not reading the PCE thread, because it is over. That is too bad that it was closed, you probably could have received some good information !
  5. Thats why I posted here because the PCE is over, but anyway:smile:
  6. I am sorry I don't have any information for you. I guess the best you could do would be to call and see if they can help you. Let us know what happens !