Another question please

  1. I just realised when I looked in my closet I have just about every color purse in the rainbow except grey. I even bought orange this year. Is there a purse color you don't have in your collection. Just interested to know....
  2. I don't have orange but I'm looking into it!
  3. No white or true green. No gray either. Hummm, more shopping to do!
  4. Nothing white or any version of white. Too clumsy!
  5. I want to buy an orange and a green one and I need another dark brown one... also a red bag would be nice...oh dear...
    Regina :sad:
  6. Black! You would think everyone would have a black bag, but I don't.
  7. I have a dusty rose (gorgeous) Juicy Couture quilted Princess bowler, a charcoal Rafe Maggie Wooster, a taupe Rafe Kate Wooster, a brandy Liz Claiborne Broadway Basic's laptop tote (also gorgeous), heck all my girls are and lastly a Belen Echandia Love Me in Petrol. I have a Tano Boogie Bucket in chestnut arriving next week. I love that bag in all the fun colors Tano offers, but I just don't know if I could could pull off mango, pool or lawn.
  8. Hmmm, let's see....I don't have any red, orange, purple or green. Well, I have purple and green clutches, but no everyday bags.
  9. I'd like something in bright pink or fuschia. Also a couple of years ago LV's Epi line had a color called mandarin. I wish I'd bought something then.
  10. I'd like to add fushia and turquoise to my collection.