Another Question on Special Orders, etc ...

  1. So I've been pestering my poor SAs (and the ones who aren't my SAs) about ordering stuff lately. Today, I heard another version of special order procedure. The SA I spoke with said that if you place a special order and they didn't reject it, that means it's accepted ... BUT they will not confirm it because they don't have the leather available yet ... Has anyone heard of this interpretation?

    I also found out that non-concession stores can email one another ... I didn't know that before ...:shrugs:
  2. I still think each store SA has their own "story". If you order something that is in production, they accept it right away, and you get your bag fast, if it is not in stock or production, that is when they "beat arround the bush" and you wait 2 years to get the bag.
  3. I can totally deal with 2 years as long as they place the order and I get the bag ... :yes: For me, I just need to know if they can confirm and set it in stone

    i need a bag ... need a bag need a bag need a bag dammit ...

    Need a better job too:sweatdrop:
  4. I was told by an SA today that if I wanted to get a Trim in the color I liked (rose shocking) that it would take a year to a year to a year and a half >_>
  5. THAT long for a Trim in regular leather?:wtf: Btw, last I checked, Beverly Hills have a fuchsia chevre Bolide 31cm with silver hardware ...

    I'm waiting for the fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm from one of my stores, it's supposed to have gotten here LAST YEAR~:hysteric:
  6. So,....are you saying ..."you need a bag"? just making sure here!:p
  7. Make that 7 ... I need 7 bags ... or maybe 8 ... 9 ... uh ... :sweatdrop:
  8. Yes, Kou. I've heard this before. The store accepts your order without a word because they are not sure yet if the leather/combo will be available at the podium. If the store is really nice and wants to help you get your bag, then they will dip into their store SO quota, to order what you want that is not on the general offer. If there are other VIPs whose orders are more important to fulfill, and if there are not more SOs left, then the store will go back to the client and say no. But if the manager wants to try again at the July podium, the manager won't say this either, and just let the customer wait.
  9. So, Kou, the 12 bags you want,... get them before you move...your fiance will faint otherwise!
  10. I think he's okay with them as long as I pay for them myself and don't get myself into debt :yes:. Oh and I think he's fed up with his situation in SG at the moment ...
    I hate to say this but one of the many reasons I'm not yet married has to do with the bags as well ... wanna get them first, AND get my initials on them. Haha.
  11. Oh dear. Hope it's temporary. Not too serious. :sad:
  12. You sound like a girl after my own heart...get your accessories, then get your man! (the only exceptions is if you find a man that wants to give you the bags...then get him first!):nuts:
  13. :wtf:

    :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    That sounds like heaven :love: :love: Any idea how much it is? I would keel over if I could get that bag!!!!! :wtf:
  14. I didn't ask how much the chevre Bolide was, but I think with the price increase every year, it's probably close to 6K already.
  15. Hehe!! as soon as I get that better job (still looking), I'm going to start buying him little H goodies as well ... Gotta convert him