Another question - how do you pay for your bags?


Jul 21, 2006
Hi, I'm posting two questions here that I'm interested in...I hope these haven't been discussed already and I hope that these aren't taboo topics on TPF. Please don't hate me if they are!

Second one - how do you pay for your bags? I have really expensive taste (mostly Bottegas now) and try to sell my bags as I tire of them to pay for new ones, but it's hard because I never make what I originally paid. After browsing the GORGEOUS BV (and other) collections in this forum I'm wondering how other people do it? How do you pay for your bags - credit cards, forgoe the groceries for a month, second do you do it?

I have a combo of credit cards to pay off (ahem...Neimans...) and ones that are paid for and some that I'm's tough to keep up with all the beautiful bags out there that I have to have. And I have very little self control!


Apr 15, 2007
I've been selling the bags that I don't use or love anymore. That and birthadays, Moms day, Valentines day, aniversarys and any other holiday that someone asks what I would like.


Bag lady
Apr 17, 2007
I do freelance work on my weekends to pay for my bag habit...I can't deal with being in debt (further than my mortgage, which is unavoidable!) so have not (yet) spent money I don't have. But I suspect one day a bag will get the better of my budget...