Another question -- for all you caramella owners:

  1. What do you keep in it? lol, caramella was the style I always thought I'd definitely get & now that mine has finally arrived, I'm not sure what I want to keep in it...



    pretty kick ass placement & i was all worried that karmaloop would screw me over.. gets me a bit more excited for the zucca! :biggrin:
  2. Wow, pretty placement! I have a inferno caramella that's just sitting in my room because I can't quite decide what to use it for too...that and the fact that I'm so afraid of it getting messed up in my bag with all of the other stuff that I usually carry in my bags.
  3. wow thats a pretty placement ...kitty on island ;) plus monkey and blue mermaid!! i have 2 caramellas and i havent used it yet?? sorry im no help :lol:
  4. I put all the little things that usually get lost inside my purse (chapstick, gum, kleenex, hand sanitizer, coupons, receipts, etc) in the caramella, and put that inside my purse. It's easier to pull out the caramella and get what I need, rather than rooting around in the bottom of the bag. Makes it easier to change purses, too, because I just need to grab my keys, wallet, phone, and caramella, instead of transferring all the little things one by one.

    I've also used it as a make-up bag when travelling, but I put everything in ziploc baggies inside the caramella, because I'm paranoid about things leaking in it!
  5. wow....your placement is freaking awesome. now i can't wait for my pirata zucca to come O__O

    anyways, in my amore caramella i have basically my toki mirror, eyelash curler, jewelry, tweezers, mini scissors and some other small stuff. I usually keep it in the house...but occasionally it'll get a breath of fresh air.
  6. i use my caramellas! one has make up in it. the other just has misc stuff that can get lost or scattered in my toki bag.. gum, pen, oh my checkbook is in there since it doesnt' fit in the denaro, receipts..stuff like that!
    i removed the qee cuz it was in the way.. =)
  7. I keep all my random little stuff in it too! it's also kinda like my own little inside joke when i'm walkin around carrying one of my "grown-up" bags when I get a little glimpse of my little tokidoki inside. it always makes me smile
  8. I carry two Caramellas. The first contains the "must have" items like extra credit cards that are not in the Denero, in surance cards, store punch cards, coupons, mints, nail file, stuff that I want to have with me but not loose in my purse.

    The second one has "extra stuff" that's nice to carry but if the purse is too small this one gets left at home.

    Before Caramellas came into my life, I hardly ever changed form purse to purse. I'd use the same one for months cause it just seemed "too hard" to move everything every day. Now I use a different bag every time I go out 'cause I only have two or three things to transfer!
  9. Thats a great way to easily change bags dreamsoftoki! I never thought of it that way!
  10. i want one to keep my ipod+headphones in so they don't get tangled in my handbag
  11. Too bad caramellas don't exactly fit in bellas...with room for other stuff haha.
  12. Indeed! :sad: I will have to save it for when I use a Gioco, Zucca, or BV.

    Thanks all for the replies! I think I will do what Eejit does and just put all that leftover stuff in it. I do have several lipglosses floating around in my bags all the time, hehe.

  13. I use mine in my bellas. I can fit my "must have" caramella, my Denaro, keys, sunglasses. What more do I need :smile:
  14. wow really? do you keep the sunglasses in a case or anything? i usually have mine in a pouch, but with everything else i carry (i guess checkbook & mini skinny for extra cards.. small aleve bottle) it wouldn't fit :s
  15. No they are loose. Cheap sunglasses :smile: