Another question for a Coach SA

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if the Coach merchandise in the new catalog that says "available in stores February" can be preordered now or do we have to wait until late January?
  2. hmmmm you got the new catalog? sweet! you can show pictures, i'd get in trouble if i do.

    but some can be ordered now, some you have to wait until late january.

    doesn't hurt to try and ask your local coach store and SA!
  3. I actually got to view the catalog in two stores, but I don't actually have the catalog in my possession. I found the bowling bag-like satchel somewhat intriguing, but was told that it probably can't be ordered until January. I also want to see the new Legacy tote. I actually got two purses 25% off, and am only going to keep one, if any. (I am waiting for the Carly to come in the mail so I can actually view it in the camel color and decide). Anyways, there was a post earlier about if you return the items that you bought at 25% off, if you can then turn around and apply this discount to a new purchase, even though the discount officially ended today. If that is the case, maybe I should hold onto the item(s) that I am going to return until January? What do you think? Usually I try to make returns as soon as I decide so that I don't get unnecessary charges on my credit card...
  4. the system allows us to still process PCE transactions about a week after (don't hold me to this b/c i'm not sure of it time-wise) in case the need arise (e.g. exchange)

    however, if you want to exchange, just bring the reciept in, with the bag in question and see what the SA/manager does.

    most likely you'll have no problem with exchanging it even though you have the PCE discount applied
  5. I was wondering (though doubtful) if I could return one item (bought at discount) and then pre-order the bowling satchel which I was told can be ordered in January? Even though the bag won't be available until January, could I pre-order it now? Thanks.
  6. the "pre-order" simply means they take down your info, and will order it once it becomes available.

    that means they won't charge you until it is available at JAX.

    so unfortunately there is no difference between now and then.

    i'm going to send you a PM okay?
  7. I actally used to work for coach so if anyone has coach questions I am a very good source. Actally if it is january and the merch says avalible in feb... You can go to your local coach store (no department store will pre sale it has to be an actual coach boutiqute.) They have them in the warehouse and will let you purtchuse them before they hit the stores. Sometimes they wont if a bag is a very limited edition, most cases they will.