Another Question...After all this will be a BIG deal to buy a first Louis Vuitton!!!

  1. I really like the Trouville and the speedy. I tend to like more structure though and the speedy has I right?? Any thoughts on this?
    I do not live ANYwhere near a store...I would be in heaven if I did, lol. IS ELUX ok?

  2. if by 'OK' you mean the authenticity, yes, eLuxury is the ONLY website that sells authentic LV

    and i prefer the Trouville. it's not as common and overrated as the Speedy.
  3. I live hours away from the closest LV store (5 hours to be exact). I have ordered from both ELux and 1-866-Vuitton a few times. I preferred Elux.
  4. I love the Speedy, but you are right it's not as structured as the Trouville. If you need a structured bag then I would stay away from the Speedy. The Trouville is a cute bag too though.
  5. PLS help me out.multi Trouville vs Speedy!

  6. Elux is excellent. If you need structure, then shy away from the speedy. Hoepfully, someday you will add a speedy to your collection.
  7. Ditto. And yes, elux is great for LV (US shipping only, I believe). Returns are a breeze as well (but hopefully you won't need that).

    Let us know what you decide!
  8. The trouville in Mono seems more classic and timeless to me than in MC. Do you think the MC line is catering to teenagers? I have the DB It in colors and it just seems so young but I may be wrong lol
  9. I agree with you, I love the mono trouville much more. Also because it can be worn in the crock of your arm unlike the Mc unless you have tiny arms.
    I've seen the mc irl and it looks very small compared to the mono.

    As for the mc line cartering to teens I wouldnt say so. I think its a line anyone can carry if you're comfy with it.
  10. I think you'ld have so much fun with the trouville :smile: i think its a very lovely piece
  11. All of these speedy people may have me convinced lol
  12. The Speedy is really a cute and classic style. You can always put a magazine or something in the bottom to give it structure. However, I prefer it without because the fakes that I see don't sag at all, whereas the authentic ones do. I like the look that way. The Trouville is ok but it looks too much like a makeup case to me like it's larger version, the Deauville. It's just not my favorite.
    And I think the MC can be used for all age mom's in her 50s and uses the Speedies and the Sologne and they look great on her. It's not a hard look to pull off at all.
  13. Now my biggest problem is which size lol
  14. I think it just depends on how much you're going to carry. The 30 really doesn't look that big on most people. I have a picture of me with my Damier 30 in the visual aids thread..I'm 5'2, but wearing wedges in the picture. I carried that bag to Disneyland the last time I went and carried an extra pair of shoes in it; it was perfect!
    I also have the Cerises, which is a 25...if that had been available in a 30, I think I'd have chosen that over the 25.
  15. Trouville is so beautiful and more structured but I prefer the SPeedy cause I hve no other bag like it!