Another question about the Quilted Elise!

  1. Hello!!

    Another question about the beautiful quilted Elise, specifically in the Topaz color...

    I have noticed a number of posts about people getting these or looking at these, etc... Then there was one recently about someone not being to find the color they are looking for?? If I run across these bags in my shopping journeys, should I go ahead and take the plunge - and get it???

    I wanted to wait a bit longer to offset the cost of a recent influx of Bbags into my home... I wanted to wait until hopefully May, around my birthday (birthday $$!) - and I was *hoping* I might find it on sale??? LOL... I know, big expectations, right?

    So my question is - how rare are these becoming to find?? :sweatdrop: And should I just take the plunge and try to offset the cost in some other way... ?

    Thanks in advance!:smile:

    Thought of a follow-up question! For those of you that have the Elise (any color)... how are you liking it?? Is it heavy? How much can you fit in it? Does it go with most things? Can you carry it over your shoulder with it being awkward? TIA!
  2. I have the black quilted Elise bag and I absolutely love it. It holds a lot. It is a heavier bag, but it doesn't bother me. I chose black, because I use it everyday and it goes with everything. I may consider buying it in chalk, too.
  3. Thanks for the response. I don't know what the situation is as far as availability, but I am hoping it will about the size that I am looking for...
  4. Bags4Bubbles, I am wondering the same questions too! Topaz is a very beautiful color and I don't have Elise yet. I think it will be a great color and great bag to add into my collection. I don't know if I should just save money for that and get it right now, or wait and who knows the price might go down :shrugs: . I'm so torn!

    I have a feeling this will be a hard color to find once you miss it. I have putty Stam and so glad I got it cause now you can barely find it anywhere else!
  5. I know!! :sweatdrop:

    I am so torn!! I don't know what to do.... I don't want to buy it, and then find it on sale a month later, because then I would be -> :cursing: . But I don't want to wait too long, and then not be able to find it anywhere, because then I will be -> :cursing: . LOL... so it seems that any way this ends... I will probably end up looking like this -> :cursing: ....

    Ah... what to do... I just don't know.I really need to wait until my birthday, but I'm not sure if it will last that long... Then there is this other thought - of maybe it is too big for me, and I should see what else is available in Topaz. (I have the Topaz ZC... so I think I really want something to match.)

    Does anyone have any pictures of other bags in Topaz that might be available? Did the banana hobo ever come in Topaz?? Because I think that would be really cute... I just didn't pay enough attention to what Topaz came in this time around!!
  6. Sorry for the 10,000 questions here... but I have a feeling I have got to come to a decision here... pretty quickly.

    Has anyone seen this in the US anywhere?:

    I found it on a UK site, but I don't know that I am prepared to pay customs for something I haven't seen in person...

    It is between the Elise & the Eva... I like the Eva, but I am not sure about the size. I am worried the Elise won't be comfortable on my shoulder...

    If anyone has any info - it would be greatly appreciated. I just pored over the Resort 2006 thread, and it doesn't look like the banana hobo came in Topaz... that is a darn shame, because I think that would be perfect!! :shrugs: Anyhow... I guess the decision is between one of these two!! (I am not looking to get a Stam right now.)
  7. Hey Bags4Bubbles--I have the quilted Elise in white chiffon and it is my favorite handbag...hands-down! It's gorgeous, and so versatile! It's very feminine, but it can be dressed up or down. I say...GO FOR IT! It's a beautiful bag, and topaz is TDF! If I could justify it for myself, I'd probably get another one! Good luck, let us know what you decide!
  8. Thanks marclover!! :yes:

    I'm going to think about it for the next few days... I have a MJ up for sale right now, so if that sells - then I think I am going to go for it!!!

    (And worry about how to explain the 2 new bbags, 2 pairs of Coach shoes , & 1 *would-be* MJ bag, that are arriving at my house next week to DH.... :whistle: How does temporary insanity sound?...)
  9. Hey Bag4Bubbles -
    I just bought my topaz Elise for the exact same reason.
    I was afraid it would be hard to find if I waited much longer and I have been looking at the bag for a while now. Once I saw Bag.lover's post with the new season and saw that the Elise was going to come in the patchwork quilt, I decided to go for it. I absolutely love it too! Not really a shoulder bag though, if that is what you are looking for....more a hand and elbow bag...
    Anyway, hope that helps!
  10. Thanks Cindy!

    Hmmm... that may be a deal-breaker then... I always seem to go for shoulder bags. Does it go on your shoulder at all?? I guess I need to spend a bit more time when I am looking at it next time, carry it around the store for a bit, etc.

    I wish there were more bags that came in the Topaz color!! I really like the way the Elise looks though... I bought the Topaz ZC instantly after it came out, because I loved the color. I assumed I would eventually get the bag to match it (because I like the color so much), and I really think the Elise is the one... I guess I am just trying to make sure at this point. ;)
  11. ^^I can wear mine on my shoulder if need be, but usually end up with it on my arm.

    I know what you mean about explaining things to DH! I'm going to NYC for vacation next week and am planning to do some serious shopping damage! Can't wait!!
  12. I agree with Marclover... it can sit on my shoulder but tends to drift back down to my arm.
    I usually only like shoulder bags too but this one changed my mind :smile:
  13. ^ Thanks cwhitman2002 & marclover!!

    Maybe this will be the bag that changes my mind too... ;)
  14. The 1st page of the Resort 06 thread features Nordstrom's Look Book, they only carry selected styles/colors. You can see a partial listing of MJ Look Book in this thread, I haven't updated the additional lines:

    1) For Resort 2006, HOBO BANANA comes in Black, White Chiffon, Almond, Topaz, and Saddle Brown.

    2) EVA (from Resort 2006's SOFT CALF CLASSIC line) is available in Black, Wheat, Tapioca, and Topaz.

    Elise and Eva are gorgeous bags, I saw all the colors for both styles at MJ boutique. SOFT CALF CLASSIC Eva is a tote, it's designed as a shoulder bag; all the compartments are lined with suede; it's heavier than QUILTED CLASSIC Elise.
  15. :wtf: Whhaaa???? Banana Hobo in Topaz!!! Maybe I am not crazy, I thought I might have seen one in my travels... Oh crud, now I have to decide which one is going to be better for my needs - and which one I will even be able to find!!!

    Thanks so much for the info bag.lover!! You're awesome!!

    Since the Eva is heavier - it is definately out... I love the look of the quilted. And I really need a bag that goes on my shoulder. I wonder if I had seen that hobo at either NM or Saks. I have to head over there sometime this week and see what they have left in TOPAZ!!!

    I have decided I NEED it!!! I can't wait!!

    Bag.lover - Do you know if MJ boutiques would still have the Banana Hobo or if Saks even ever carried it...? Uh oh... I might be leaning towards that.