Another question about the Mercer Satchel


Jun 21, 2006

Earlier in the season I saw this bag on the shelf and really thought it was a beautiful bag. I love the pistachio color in person. It fit over the shoulder and overall I loved everything about it.

I'm thinking about getting this bag now and I"m wondering if I should consider the other colors it comes in (Maple, Lilac, Marshmallow, Black(not on sale though) and this color Pistachio. I'm not a Lilac fan. Marshmallow seemed nice but too light and dirt would show very very easily. I'm not a huge Maple fan either. This color seems the best for me.

Do you think I could wear this color into the fall as well? What do you think? I wish I could post a modeling pic of it b/c it's actually a shoulder bag and like the perfect size bag. I actually love the knots on this particular bag -- more than the the Large MP and Blake in the Mercer collection.

Thanks in advance.


Aug 9, 2006
I saw the Pistachio in person as well. It's very subtle & would be great for every season. I however chose Cream since it would match with everything. I did a pre-sale on this & as was contemplating whether i should keep it or not. In the end I chose to pick it up tomorrow! :smile: I think this is a very classic look & the leather is so soft.


Feb 8, 2008
I agree with Thithi. I think pistachio is a year-round neutral. I bought my mom a ZC in that color and it's amazing how well it coordinates with so many colors. Once I saw the shade I was hoping she'd not like it so I could keep it for myself and get her another color. :shame:
Mar 14, 2008
^ I saw this bag on sale at Nordstroms. They had it in pistachio and marshmellow.

As for lovekoobabags- I was not crazy about this color until I saw it irl, now I think it is really unique and beautiful. I think it will be a great color to carry over into the fall, as it is a muted hue which makes the bag a little more versatile. I say pistachio it is!!