Another Question about the Cran Mia Maggie

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  1. Does anyone have ANY idea if the cranberry patent Mia Maggie will be coming out in a regular leather bag? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour, but I do not like the patent. Why did they have to come out with that colour and NOT in a regular leather bag? I could just cry!

    So, if anyone has any insider knowledge, I would very much appreciate you sharing. ;)
  2. have you seen the color? im waiting for a call from my sa. i think i was sold the raspberry and not the cranberry.
  3. Yes, I have seen it...I heard there was an issue with it...but my concern is that they come out with a regular leather (non-patent) version of the same colour!
  4. Can anyone give me hope?????
  5. Unfortunately, I have not heard of this being made in leather.
    The last thing I know of (and I could be wrong) made in a cranberry color was the pilot Sabrina. It is all leather, but was not sold to the masses.
    This isn't the only bag I agree should be put in a different texture, style, etc. The Zebra and crimson or purple dot op art sophias should be made into convert hobos, but I have not heard word of this either.
    All we can do is wait and hope.