Another question about Holts PSN...

  1. Sorry about all the questions guys, can you tell I'm excited about PSN? :p

    I've talked to a couple of gals about this before...but wanted more input...

    So I was wondering how many of you have ordered something from another city/province's Holts LV before on PSN night?
    Is it still possible and will they include the gift card with your order? If you've done it, how'd you do it? (Did you call them a few days in advance or did you have to call the night of? If you called them in advance how'd the process go?)

    I'm asking because the ideal situation for me on PSN is that the Nimbus PM is available that night, so I can get that and an amarante inclusion bracelet so I can get a $200 gift card...however, since the Calgary store is so tiny and we ALWAYS get everything last, I'm worried that we may not get it in time, but who knows, the Toronto flagship store on Bloor might have it in time for PSN. So I may consider calling them and placing an order with them...or should I ask the manager at my store and see what he could do??

    Any input is appreciated!
  2. Nobody...?
  3. i would ask the store to do it on the night, that way you are technically getting it on the night of the PSN, KWIM? since i dont live in canada i dont know how it works but you SA should be able to help.
  4. My SA actually prefers that I call her/let her know what things I'm going to buy around a week in advance so they can get my stuff ready and charge my credit card the night of the event. People line up to buy stuff and it's CRAZY BUSY! So ordering in advance actually helps her and myself as well.
  5. What's the PSN? We have a HR here in Ottawa so maybe I should look into this?
  6. private shopping night. that is what it stands for karman, right?
  7. Usually I shop a few days before Private Shopping Night and pick out all the stuff I want. Use the Personal Shopper in your store. Mine will always keep my stuff in her back room, I give her my credit card imprint and she puts through my stuff on that night. I usually don't show up to PSN because of the crowds and because I alway run into people I know and I wind up socializing instead of shopping. I pick up my stuff the next day or a few days later and my personal shopper has everything ready for me, including my receipts and gift cards! Same goes for the LV dept. They'll do it for you if you ask nicely!
  8. Ask your Manager karman.
  9. Alright, so today I spoke with my SA and she said they probably won't get the Nimbus PM in time for PSN. I will speak to the manager later, since I kind of forgot today, or I may message him immediately after I type this message.

    In the end, if I don't get the Nimbus PM, it's alright...I'll just get the $100 GC instead of the $200...oh well.

    cherry pie: yes! It stands for private shopping night!

    caliprincess: my SA explained the exact same procedure to me today. I think I'm going to go in a week before and pick out the things I want and she's going to hold it for me. I will most likely go to PSN that night just to check things out, but will also leave my CC imprint with them so they can charge my purchase in advance. I'll probably just stop by LV, pick up my stuff, and leave.
  10. Do you know what the gift card break down is?
  11. It's on the forum somewhere. If you search it you should be able to find it.
  12. I think it's something like:

    $750 - $50 GC
    $1250 - $100 GC
    $2250 - $200 GC
    $5000 - $500 GC

    (before tax)