Another question about Burberry scarves...

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  1. How do you ladies launder your scarves. I know some things may be dry clean only but sometimes it's possible to handwash them or wash them on the gentle cycle. Which fabric do you have and what has been your experience with this????
  2. All of mine are wool. I dryclean only; they cost too much for me to mess up in the washer... LOL! My washing skills are just passable..LOL!
  3. Mine is cashmere - I had it dry cleaned for like $4.00
  4. I handwash my cashmere scarves with baby shampoo and lay flat to dry They look look and soft, though I'm not sure about the one with 50% cashmere/50% wool blend. Any idea?
  5. ^^ my DF has the 50/50 one - and we've never washed it *blushes*... :push: it's like 3 years old at least now... hmm... we should wash it... :hrmm: maybe I'll try the baby shampoo idea.. any other tips?
  6. I have several and always dryclean them - agree I paid to much to mess them up;)