another Q to those who made the NY Spree

  1. Pigleto's thread about travelling with her Birkin reminded me - I've been wanting to ask all those who made it to the NY lovefest - and especially those who posted on pigleto's thread about bringing two bags -

    How did you fly with two bags? Carry both on? In what?

    And did you just leave the second one in the hotel room in your luggage? Locked up or unlocked? Hotel room safe? Hotel safe?

    Or am I just a little paranoid? I don't even like to travel with too many H scarves/bangles as I've heard horror stories about them "disappearing" from the rooms.

    I'm taking a trip shortly and would love to bring two bags, either my 35 choc box Kelly and black box Plume Elan or 31 indigo fjord Bolide and Plume Elan.

    Do you buy those Longchamps pliages (sp??) to carry on just for your bags?
  2. LOL...I took 3 bags to NYC...took all on board w/ me...

    While in NYC...carried one at a time...other two rested in hotel room when not in action...
  3. I took my 30cm Rouge H Birkin AND my Kelly Elan both inside their sleepers inside the Le Pliage and stored the bag under the seat in front of me on the plane. Once I got to NYC, I always carried one of the bags and left the other in my locked suitcase in the room. Worked like a charm!!!!
  4. that's a great question! :yes: i'd be scared to leave the unused ones in my hotel room! that's why i'm glad to have just one H bag to worry about at the moment. i figure when i'm more relaxed about it that's when the kelly will mosey along :nuts:
  5. Katel, perhaps you can check withe the hotel and see how big the in room safe is. I have locked by 32 Kelly in the safe once.
  6. Great tips, thanks! :p
  7. When i go away, i take 2 bags as carry-ons, then i have DH take the REAL carry-ons with him along with his laptop. lol.
    So between the 2 of us, we have 5 carry on bags.

    Yes, and during the day, i put the other bag in my suitcase under all of my clothes and lock that.
  8. Katel, great advice! Locked suitcase here...and I didn't leave anything orange out and about in the room. No orange bags, boxes....etc. Just plain old locked boring looking suitcase.
  9. I took only one H bag and the Birkin I purchased was shipped back home (saving me $700 in taxes :yahoo: ).

    I prefer to only travel with one bag so that I don't have to worry about leaving any valuables in the room. I have heard of some women putting their bags underneath the bed to hide them.
  10. SoCal, you are my hero!! 3 bags as carry-ons, I am thoroughly impressed, ;).

    I took a 35cm. Birkin and an Hermes clutch (along with another rainy-day bag). I carried the clutch inside its dustbag inside of the Birkin. I then carried the Birkin inside its dustbag, inside of a Puma bag.....if that makes any sense!

    As for my hotel room, I have stayed at this hotel previously so I felt at ease, however did put my Birkin away inside the Puma when I wasn't carrying it.
  11. LOL...and I used each and every one of them! :yes:

  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Like a little babouska doll of H!! I love it.
  13. ^^^I always loved those Russian Dolls!!
  14. I took my 35 Birkin, and inside it's dustbag, inside the Birkin a 28 Kelly. Did you know, a 28 fits PERFECTLY inside a 35? Then I just put the usual things inside the Kelly.

    In the hotel, my safe was large enough for my jewellery and scarves/passport etc, but not at all big enough for a I put the bag that I wasn't using inside my suitcase, inside the wardrobe, locked. Not that it's terribly safe that way, but it did the trick.
  15. Wow GF, that would be a fantastic reason for me to buy a 28cm. Kelly ... it would fit easily inside! Thanks for wonderful justification --- I am always looking for those, ;)!