Another Q: How available patchwork collection will be??

  1. I called LV yesterday to ask if Patchwork collection will be seasonal or LE, since my SA was off to vacation for a week, I talked to other SA, and she said "ah, seasonal and LE are same thing, and we don't know how many pieces we are getting".

    Anyways, I would like to know how available they are going to be? Is this going to be like Dentelle? Does anyone know?

    Oh, and does anyone know how much Patchwork Bowly is??
    Thank you in advance!:heart:
  2. The patchwork collection for the most part will be seasonal, as in it will avaliable throughout the season.

    I hope that helps.
  3. I beleive the bowly will be like $2550 or close to that in the US
  4. $2550??? Well, I guess I can only get 1 item from Patchwork collection then. I got to decide between Speedy and Bowly....

    alum, thanks for the info. If they are going to be available that long, maybe I can save up enough....