Another purchase on the way

  1. So guess what I was looking at and they had jack and lucy in stock , I asked my dad for it and he said yes for my birthday but I could not tell him its a keychain so said it was a bag . he says do they come in other colours I say yes , they also have a brown/ green one , I wanted the orange. he says get them both your mum can have one aswell. I go back to put the other colour in my cart and they are sold out :confused1: So I dont want to tell my dad as I know then he would not get my mum anything , so I know she too wants something from the grrom line so I got her the red groom scarf ... she will :heart: it,, I think she would actually prefer it to the keychain .

    I am not allowed to her her mind LOL

    They will be here on SAT but I may not be allowed it till the 25th Ocotber on my birthday :shame: .. Thought I would share LOL

    P.s ... I cant belive they only have one of certain items in stock , do they do that on purpose .:yucky:
  2. are sneaky..Love it!!!

    Congrats can't wait to see the pics..I think your mom will love the scarf..