ANOTHER purchase: My boyfriend's first LV!

  1. Okay, so some of you might have read about him falling in love witht the LV Cup 07 tie.

    We were going to get it two days ago when I got my shawl and my sunglasses, but he walked home empty handed because they had one available in the first store (where I got my shawl) but he wanted to wait until we got to the flagship (where I got my sunnies) to get it, and of course the flagship didn't have it.

    Anyway, since I was going to go to LV tomorrow to exchange my shawl for store credit (long story short, I realized it isn't suitable for everyday use, and I'm not ready to buy something so pricey that I'll seldomly use) I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to get his tie tomorrow as well. I was going to call the store ahead of time to see if they could hold one for us and got the main LV line instead. The rep told us there was only ONE left in all of Hong Kong and no holds are allowed!!! So we took the ferry over to that area JUST to get his tie (and I exchanged my shawl for credit while I was there--I'm getting something else with it tomorrow! :p)

    Thank GOODNESS they had it. He was prepared to get another tie if it was gone by the time we got there but there was a brand new I don't know why the LV rep on the phone said there was only one left and it was on display...oh well.


    So anyway, here are some pics and ONE modeling pic! He didn't want to actually tie it around his neck (and wrinkle it :p) and show his face in the pic so please excuse the...umm...hands holding the tie and the headless body (wearing casual clothes, since we didn't bring any formal clothes to Hong Kong).

    (I'm getting him hooked on these LV ties now! It's nice having a boyfriend who is willing to go to LV with me!)




    His favourite part is the LV Cup "V".

    mini-Image045.jpg mini-Image046.jpg mini-Image047.jpg mini-Image048.jpg right-mini-Image049.jpg
  2. Very nice ...lovely colour!! Congrats!
  3. Fabulous!
    My boyfriend has the "Metropolitan" in rose..i love LV ties!
  4. Aww i love the blue on it it's such a nice shade of blue Congrats to you finding the last one there!! So what are you going to get with your store credit then :nuts:
  5. Very nice
  6. Very nice :smile:
  7. Wow it's fab!
  8. Ohhh you'll see...I'll have to put a couple hundred more in but this LV will the largest LV (size-wise) I'll own ;)
  9. This tie is really a sharp tie. He is going to look great wearing it!
  10. Great tie! Congrats!
  11. the tie is lovely - i really love the color combo!
  12. Ooohh you're such a tease :p

    Congrats on the tie, and congrats on having a boyfriend who likes LV with you!:yahoo:
  13. nice, love the colors
  14. Oh I guarantee it's nothing super special. In fact I'd say it's semi-common. I was PLANNING on getting a Dentelle Speedy in gold BUT it's wayyyy over budget so this one I'm getting will cost less than $700 since the shawl was around $400 and I'm not willing to put in more than around $300 ;)
  15. Looks good! Congrats to the bf, and hope you guys enjoy the rest of your holiday! :yahoo: