ANOTHER problem w/ eBay

  1. :cursing: I am so sick of buying a bag and receiving it looking different from the auction. Well first it was the large Carly which when I received it it was fake. So I am waiting for my money back. Now I bought a khaki/angora med Carly. In the auction it was stated in great condition. I get it and the bottom is soiled and there are two snags in the fabric. So I contacted the buyer and she said, "Good Evening, I am very sorry that you are not happy with the item, but as described in the listing I do not offer refunds. I checked the bag multiple times and do not recall snags of any sort. In addition, the listing came with cleaner for that fabric which can be used on the bottom if you think it is dirty. The bag was listed as being a used item. I was not selling it as a new item and any buyer has the opporunity to asked detailed questions before purchasing any item. I do not believe the listing was mis-leading and I do apologize you are unhappy with the item. Thank you" What is this?!?!? You send signature cleaner because you know it is dirty but don't say it is soiled in the description. Argh! Now to go through Paypal AGAIN because obviously she doesn't want to give me a refund. :cursing:

  2. I am sorry to hear that.. I hate sellers like that.. did she have good feedback??
  3. Unfortunately it sounds like you'll have to file SNAD with Paypal. That sucks. Can you post the auction number?
  4. What the heck is wrong with people! I really hope you get this straightened out!
  5. Ya she has 100% positive. I am so mad!!
  6. oh man!!! I am so sorry this happened.. I hate that! I buy/sell a lot through eBay and 99% of the time it is great.. the other 1% :mad:
  7. I always had good experiences through eBay until recently.