Another problem... damier NF MM or GM?


Apr 12, 2007
so... guys... as some of you might know...
i decided to get a damier NF instead of monogram one.
So i just came back from LV store with damier NF MM size...
it was smaller than i expected...
i had few struggles at there between MM and GM.
But i got MM size... but now i'm still unsure its the right size for me.
i'm 5'7'' and 117 pounds. MM looks perfect for everyday bag but i kinda like GM's size too. sigh....

what size did u guys get? :confused1:


Jan 19, 2009
Honolulu, Hawaii
im 5'7" too... and i think we need bigger bags so good thing u didnt get the PM lol. but anyways, i think it really depends on how much stuff u carry i guess? because im pretty simple and i dont carry that much stuff around so i think if i got the GM it would be prettttyyyy empty looking and saggy or something. I would definately get the GM for school books etc. but other than that, as for casual use, I think I would get the MM. But its really up to you! :peace:


My baby is 3!
Oct 2, 2006
I have the NF MM. When I carry mine, I usually use it for a purse/diaper bag. I carry what I normally carry in my purse + wipes, diapers, changing pad and snacks for my daughter. It's big enough for all of my needs plus my daughters! But, if you don't think the MM is going to be big enough than you should return it for the GM.