Another Pro-Wrestler "taps out"

  1. according to TMZ, the pro-wrestling sport has another casualty:

    Posted Aug 13th 2007 3:46PM by TMZ Staff

    [​IMG]No, it's not deja vu -- yet another WWE wrestling superstar has died.

    According to, Crush, aka Brian Adams, was found dead earlier today. A cause of death has not yet been determined.

    Along with legendary wrestlers Ax and Smash, Crush was part of the face-painting, leather strap-wearing, generally bad-ass unit known as "Demolition."
  2. Don't really know too much about this "sport", but it seems like these people are under alot of pressure to perform and/or use's an epidemic I guess, in all forms of athletics.....sad.
  3. Wow, real sad.
  4. Cops: Wrestler's Wife Discovered Body

    Posted Aug 13th 2007 4:13PM by TMZ Staff
    The death of former wrestling star Crush has officially been declared an "unexplained incident."

    In the incident report filed by the Tampa Police Dept. and obtained by TMZ, former wrestling superstar Brian Adams aka Crush "was found by his wife unconscious in bed not breathing."
    According to the cops, Adam's wife dialed 911, but emergency teams could not revive him when they arrived shortly thereafter. Cops also note in their report that "there were no visible signs of injuries."

    An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.
  5. Seems to be a lot of lost in the wrestling world this year. I still get over what happened to chris benoit.
    It's not the best career to be in tho, very stressful and lots of travelling away from home.
  6. It's so tragic.
    I think they get pressured.
    Like there will always be some new kid with better moves,bigger,stronger then them and they can get old and tired real quick esp when they get injured.
    I remember him,It must have been awful for his wife to find him.
  7. Ohhh man another wrestler died... I remember watching him when i was little.
  8. oh thats sad. I dont know much about wrestling but this is not good. They must be under so much pressure or something.