Another Price Reduction At Saks!!!

  1. See My Post Under General Topics!!!!!!
  2. where is general topics?? i looked under general discussion but i dont see anything
  3. On the 13th Saks atleast at the dadeland store is having a further reduction on handbags to a REAL 70% off on handbags, as I posted before, I just got back this evening, saw, Gucci's about 8 handbags, ferragamos a pewter hobo which is going to sell for $300's, several YSL, several Dolce Gabannas.....I reserved the most beautiful Gucci Zebra Jackie O.....for info on what is available, etc you can call my SA
    Lazara at 305-662-8655-ext 355.
  4. Great info! I am going to call today!!
  5. What gucci styles are left?
  6. I saw that zebra today at Saks in NYC. It's so cute.
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