Another pretty new scarf!

  1. You all probably know by now that I just ADORE ponytail scarves on my bags. Well,
    whoever at Coach is designing their scarves lately deserves a round of applause - they are just so pretty! I got this one, to go w/the shipped today plum patent tote and to-be-shipped daisy keyfob! Cant wait to put together this spring ensemble!
    pink scarf 001.jpg plum patent tote.jpg daisy keyfob.jpg
  2. ooo... those are the new scarves, right??? super pretty love it!
  3. OH WOW I love the colors on that scarf!! So fun! I loove Spring!!
  4. Love the scarf. What is the style #?
    I must have one. Thanks!
  5. Pretty colors!!
  6. Thats going to look so pretty, Donna! On the scarf, is "Coach" written in gold writing?
  7. I like the colors! Perfect for Spring!
  8. 98344 - I have it in both the blue and the pink, and i think it also comes in brown and black which Ill probaby get too!
  9. Yes it is. Its a really gorgeous scarf. I have it in blue too, and the writing is gold on the blue one as well.
  10. I love the scarf and the flower is so cute! I think i saw one on eBay a couple of weeks ago but didn't know if it was real so I didn't buy it.
  11. I love the scarf. I might need to get me one of those soon.
  12. Ohhh, everything is gorgeous! Can't wait for your pics!
  13. That is a pretty scarf. I use to not like scarfs but I love the colors in the new coach scarfs.
  14. Very pretty....congrats!!