(another) Pretty in Pink Reveal

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  1. I purchased my first pre-loved bag. I pined over this bag when it was released, but wasn’t in a place to buy it. So even though I was going to buy the empreinte Pochette Métis in Rose Poudre this weekend, when this one popped up on eBay the day before I was to order it, I knew it was meant to be. It’s in absolute pristine condition and is so, so beautiful! I’m so happy to add to my pink collection!
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    Here she is, my new-to-me Speedy B 25 in Rose Poudre empreinte!

    (I even ordered a pink purse organizer for her from Amazon that fits perfectly!)

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  3. So pretty!! I love the colour! Congratz!!
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  4. Wonderful! Enjoy in good health. :biggrin:
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  5. thank you both! [emoji177][emoji177][emoji177]
  6. Gorgeous! :loveeyes::love:
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  7. Love this! I’ve never really wanted a Speedy but this one is changing my mind! Love the Empriente and this particular color.
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  8. thank you!! I’m so in love!

    ditto! I have never wanted a speedy other than this one. I remember seeing it and just falling in love and being so sad I couldn’t afford it at the time.
  9. Love this - great color - congrats!!
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  10. Gorgeous. Would love to get the speedy 20 in Empreinte one day!!
  11. Such a pretty bag, perfect timing for spring!
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  12. I had looked at the 20, but it was too small for my liking, since I’m a bit of a curvy girl...but the 25 is perfect for me! And the empreinte is just tdf. I say get one! [emoji6]
  13. My thoughts exactly!
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  14. It’s beautiful [emoji4] I [emoji173]️ pink too.
    Congratulations on your great find!
  15. Pretty in Pink indeed. Very pretty color. Congrats and enjoy!!