Another pretty eggplant

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  1. LOL I am only laughing because it is funny to me that people take no time to take proper pics of an item they want so much money for. No matter what you are trying to sell the item and make it look appealing to the buyer. The seller could get that price if they could show how amazing the bag is but not with those pics.
  2. The seller send me a message saying she knows its a high price but its a "gem" of a bag. She was very nice.

    Not for $2500 it isnt to me!

    Maybe someone else, just not for me.
  3. Well I have a really good feeling that the "gem" will continue to take up residence at her house after the auction is over unless she lowers her reserve.
  4. Wow, that is a really high price and she is only willing to have the buyer pick it up? Why bother selling it on ebay then? :shrugs:

    EDIT: nevermind! I saw that she fixed that... still high though.
  5. With that price, I seriously hope she's not charging extra for shipping! :wtf:
  6. wow... thats ambitious.
  7. "gulp"... that's pricey!
  8. That is a ridiculously high price to expect for those horrible pictures. I love the color and wouldn't mind paying over retail, but her pictures make the handles look dark and you don't even have a good picture of the whole bag, just parts of it! I hope she enjoys paying paypal fees!!
  9. I think she is going to settle for much less in the end.
  10. Remember some time ago, there was a pristine eggplant City that was asking USD1999? The price had to keep dropping until it was sold for USD1620, which is roughly in the range these babies usually go for.
  11. RIDICULOUS! and with dark handles? You're right pewter, she won't sell it and she paid a bundle to list it.:wtf:
  12. Hehehehe...that's the polite way of saying it!:graucho:

    I am just...boggled at this price. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    And yeah, I take better pics of $100 bags I'm trying to sell. WTF?
  13. Now she says:

    "The handles have definitely darkened from use."

    Is she serious??!!!!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    For $2500 I'd expect MINT condition, brand new, never used. I personally wouldn't even pay half her asking price for dark handles.

    And once again, how can she ask so much for a bag where she doesn't even say anything about the condition of the bag at all except for "gently used?" I cannot even see what condition the handles are in from those pics. I was assuming the bag was in perfect condition from her reserve price.

    I wonder if this is one of those scenarios where her husband or someone told her she needs to sell it but she doesn't want to, because she seems to be doing everything to avoid having this bag be sold!
  14. wow!!! pretty artistic photos! but not too descriptive.
    i would expect at least the FULL bag pics on front and back.
  15. LMAO Good one