Another pretty eggplant

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    It was listed as "pick up only" when I saw it last night (seller is in Australia) but it seems the listing was changed and he/she put up a few other bbags for sale as well.

    Good do with some better lighting. Looks like the handles may be on the darkish side.
  2. Wow I wonder what the reserve is...
  3. Why in the heck do people put a reserve when the starting price is high (I'm in no way saying her price is too high)? Isn't the whole point of a reserve so you can start bidding low to entice people but the reserve would be your safety net? When you start it at a reasonable amount (hers is just right, I'd say), adding a reserve is a waste of money to me.

  4. I know!! I want an eggplant City SO BAD....I'm gonna investigate and see if the seller will tell me the reserve...
  5. Another one with lousy pictures...ugh.
  6. "Pictures speak for themselves???"

    maybe if there was a photo of lets say... the bales? the tag? the rivets? ARGH!
  7. It stated it comes from a "smoke and pet free" house. So is it smoke AND pet free... or smoke free and pet free? :confused1:
  8. OMG!! I just got a response from this seller about the reserve for this's $2500! Are you kidding me??!!:wtf:
  9. ^WHAT THE...... :shocked:

    Okay this one's going to be either another very interesting auction or... that sellers just going to end up with Ebay fees cause no one's going to win.

    How the bleep does that seller think she can command $2500 for a bag with a 3-line description and THOSE pics?!?!

    :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  10. I KNOW!!! I responded to her asking if it's in US Dollars :P Told her that's VERY high for that bag...
  11. My guess it's in AUS dollars which is about 1950 US . Still high but have seen bags at that much, but it's usually a BIN, not to meet the reserve.
  12. Yea, that's what I thought too, but the SB is listed in USD and it's on ebay US, not ebay Australia...who knows...
  13. Oh gee. If it's 2500 US as a reserve only, then that's insane.
  14. What?!? OMG! I really hope that AUD not USD!:wtf: Then again, even in AUD, that's kinda high...