Another PowerBook violently explodes

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    Just when we think these explosive batteries can't get any worse, then you see a PowerBook that looks like it was hit with a high powered explosive charge -- which, in a manner of speaking, it was. This unit was apparently a year old and wasn't even powered at the time it, um, went off -- 6:00AM. Talk about your rude awakenings. So please, people, learn from this rash of Li-ion explosions: you lessen your chances of battery combustion by returning them wherever possible, so return your frickin defective batteries, ok?
  2. :wtf:

    i've never seen that before, was the battery one of the re-called ones from a while ago? i remember a huge number of dell laptops blowing up a year or two ago too, that was pretty scary..
  3. Oh my gosh! Was this battery supposed to be recalled?
  4. has this been a big problem? i haven't heard anything of it... i guess there are malfunctions with any computer though, my brother's toshiba melted to his desk! and it wasn't even on for very long.
  5. Dear lord.. that's horrible.
  6. ahh! holy cow!
  7. OMG OMG OMG!!!

    That looks like somebody blew up a mini bomb on it!!
  8. Was this just the batteries for the powerbook or ibook too?
  9. wow.scary
  10. Holy cow !

    And I thought the Dell computer lighting on fire on rez was scary !
  11. The nerd in me laughs violently.

    The common sense says that I am glad that nobody got hurt... I hope.
  12. Why do I only read about incidents like this *after* I bought my powerbook? Oh well, it's so gorgeous that I'm willing to take the risk.
  13. You know that's actually one of my phobias... having my laptop blows up in my face while I'm typing away in the middle of the night. :wtf::sad: I don't even own a PowerBook!
  14. :wtf: Do iBooks do this?:wtf:
  15. Holy CRAP